Speech Team cruises to 41st national championship

April 23, 2013

Bradley University’s Speech Team swept the top 5 individual positions on its way to the team championship in the National Forensics Association tournament that concluded last night. Junior Kaybee Brown was crowned the Individual Sweepstakes champion.

This is the second consecutive year Bradley has won both national championships. They won the American Forensics Association championship two weeks ago. This is the team’s 41st national championship since 1978. The team’s record of success is unmatched by any other forensic or academic program in history.

“This team will probably go down in history as the best speech team ever,” said first year coach Ken Young. “I am incredibly proud of these students. Their success is a testament to their work ethic.”

The Bradley team scored 771.5 points followed by Western Kentucky University (681) and the University of Texas at Austin (333.5). Team members won national sweepstakes titles in Persuasion, Informative, After Dinner Speaking, Prose and Rhetorical Criticism.

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Individual Sweepstakes

Champion – Kaybee Ramone Brown - junior, Chicago, IL (Theatre Arts)

2nd - Brooke Stevenson – senior, Fremont, CA (Psychology)

3rd - Jacoby Cochran - senior, Chicago, IL (Philosophy)

4th - Ryan Tinlin - senior, Dellroy, OH (Psychology)

5th - Cecil Blutcher - senior, Chicago, IL (Political Science)

13th - Junior Ocasio - senior, Cleveland, OH (Public Relations)

Individual Champions

After Dinner Speaking - Brooke Stevenson – senior, Fremont, CA (Psychology)

Prose - Brooke Stevenson – senior, Fremont, CA (Psychology)

Informative - Ryan Tinlin - senior, Dellroy, OH (Psychology)

Persuasion - Jacoby Cochran - senior, Chicago, IL (Philosophy)

Rhetorical Criticism - Jacoby Cochran - senior, Chicago, IL (Philosophy)