Millennials Tackling the National Debt

Photography by Duane Zehr / Bradley University

October 3, 2013

The Can Kicks Back’s “Generational Equity Tour" hit Bradley’s campus Friday, October 4th. This is a non-partisan campaign led by young people that advocates for a fiscally sustainable and generationally equitable federal budget. TCKB has 100+ chapters in 38 states across the country ready to mobilize young people to fight for their future and send their messages to Washington.  

Bradley University’s Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service and the Political Science Department jointly hosted the event which is part of a five-week, cross-country tour.  College Republicans, College Democrats and Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization also partnered on the event. 

There was a screening of the documentary Overdraft during the event along with a discussion regarding the debt and how it affects the young generation.  The film gives viewers a better understanding of how the federal debt affects their daily lives, the choices that will have to be made to manage the problem, and how they can participate in the ongoing economic debate.  It was directed by Scott Galloway.   

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