Student Expo

2014 Student Scholarship Expo
April 16th & 17th
Renaissance Coliseum

This annual event recognizes and promotes student scholarly activities in research and creative production and celebrates collaboration among faculty and students within and across disciplines.  Each year, nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate students showcase their work at the Expo, competing for the President’s Award, Provost’s Award, and Dean’s Awards. This year both undergraduate and graduate student projects will be showcased at the same event.

CTEL is proud to take part in Bradley's "B Green" efforts by offering student scholarly abstracts in electronic format.  The 2014 Student Scholarly Abstract publication will be continually updated over the duration of the week's activities with color photos and project highlights.  Be sure to check back for the final version of this year's publication that will be available the week after the conclusion of the event! 

2014 Student Scholarly Abstracts Publication (click here)

Congratulations to the 2014 Student expo Winners!

President's Award ($1,000 Monetary Award)
Graduate Award
Project Title: Investigating the Effects of Text Messaging on Reactive Balance 
Student Presenters: Lauren Schlink, Tyler Lampe
Faculty Mentors: Dr. A.J. Strubhar, Dr. Melissa Peterson
Department: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: Organizational Culture Analysis of a Supported Living Facility
Student Presenter:  Alyssa Roehrig 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elena Gabor
Department: Organizational Communications

Provost's Award ($500 Monetary Award)
Graduate Award
Project Title: Examination of Investors’ Fear: Is Gold Market Rational? 
Student Presenter: Domician Zahorjan
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amit Sinha
Department: Finance 

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: Cultural Analysis of 30 person Human Resources Team
Student Presenter:  Matthew Carlberg
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Elena Gabor
Department: Psychology, Sociology

Dean’s Award - Foster College of Business ($250 Monetary Award)
Graduate Award
Project Title: Global Financial Market Conditions and Emerging Market Economies
Student Presenter: Fadil Ramadani
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Ahmed Elshahat, Dr. Amit Sinha, Dr. Philip Horvath
Department: Finance
Graduate Project

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: Determining the likelihood of stock price movements using the dividend yield to current yield spread
Student Presenter:  Tyler Beason
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Amit Sinha
Department: Finance, Mathematics

Dean's Award - College of Education and Health Sciences  ($250 Monetary Award)
Graduate Award
Project Title: Assessing Single Leg Balance in Injured and Non-Injured Lower Extremities Utilizing the Proprio 5000 
Student Presenters: Justin Boumstein, Jennifer Schrage
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Tippett
Department: Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Graduate Award
Project Title: The tire flip: Kinematic analysis of lifting techniques 
Student Presenters: Joe Olofsson, John Zegar
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joseph Kelly
Department: Physical Therapy 

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: Critical Reflection in Relation to Design Research
Student Presenters:  Sydney Schneider
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Kendra Brandes
Department: Retail Merchandising

Dean’s Award - Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology  ($250 Monetary Award)
Graduate Award

Project Title: Global Localization and Position Tracking for Mobile Robot with Stochastic Method

Student Presenter: Hui Zhang 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joseph Chen 
Department: Manufacturing Engineering 


Undergraduate Award

Project Title: Component Re-design for an Increased Capacity in the Renaissance Coliseum
Student Presenters:  Ross Hinrichsen, Aaron Birk, Colten Brunenn, Brendan Mark, Tom Meismer, Tia Clark, Adam Houin
Faculty Mentors:  Dr. Martin Morris, Dr. Jacqueline Henderson, Dr. Kenneth Klotz
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Dean’s Award - Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts  ($250 Monetary Award)
Graduate Award 

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: Variations on a Theme by Anton Diabelli, Past and Presen
Student Presenters:  Natashia Coan, Rebecca Crank, Tracey Furling, Laura Jorgenson, Patrick McGehee, Annalise Pittenger, Austin Wilson
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. John Orfe

Dean’s Award - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  ($250 Monetary Award)
Graduate Award

Project Title: Insufficiency of the (Linguistically) Finite
Student Presenter: Leah Abel
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Kevin Swafford, Dr. Kevin Stein
Department: English 

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Small Molecule Adsorption onto Silica Thin Films
Student Presenter:  Nicole Smiddy
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Edward Remsen
Department: Chemistry

Honorable Mention Business Sciences
Graduate Award
Project Title: Best Fit Model For Yield Curve Estimation On Spain Financial Market
Student Presenter: Anna Galstyan
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amit Sinha
Department: Quantitative Finance

Undergraduate Award

Honorable Mention Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Graduate Award

Project Title: GPGPU Technology for High-Performance Computing and Data Security: Research, Modeling, Applications
Student Presenters: Hayk Avagyan, Adam Byerly, Vinay Bhargav, Dylan Britt
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alexander Uskov
Department: Computer Science and Information Systems

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: Design of a Compact, Efficient, and Robust Pneumatic Powered Ankle Orthotic
Student Presenters:  Rebecca Epping, Alexander Barry, Andrew Davis, Samuel Kelly
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Martin Morris
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Honorable Mention Human Service
Graduate Award

Project Title: Physical Therapy Student Self-Assessment of Competence and Frequency of Exposure to Entry-Level Standards: Survey Development and Reliability Study
Student Presenters: Carey Dahlquist, Michael Derry
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Priscilla Weaver
Department: Physical Therapy 

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: A Study of the Effects of Homework Delivery Methods on Exam Performance
Student Presenter:  Emily Roth
Faculty Mentors:  Dr. Jose Lozano, Dr. Kevin Kimberlin
Department: Physics & Secondary Education

Honorable Mention Individuals and Societies
Graduate Award

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: Spanning the Gap: Does the Younger Generation Practice Ageism and Sexism?
Student Presenters:  Courtney Thomas, Meghan Fogler, Anjonette Baum
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Claire Etaugh
Department: Psychology

Honorable Mention Natural Sciences
Graduate Award

Project Title: Alliaria petiolata and its Effects on Soil Microbial Communities in a Sandy Pine Forest in Central Illinois
Student Presenters: Alexander Faulkner, Truc-Quynh Nguyen
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Kelly McConnaughay, Dr. Sherri Morris
Department: Biology

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: Hydrogenation and Hydrogenolysis of Chlorinated and Brominated Compounds: Which Compounds Homo-couple and Which Compounds Hydrodehalgenate?
Student Presenter:  Joshua Peterson
Faculty Mentors:  Dr. Brad Andersh, Dr. Dean Campbell
Department: Chemistry

Honorable Mention Visual, Literary and Performing Arts
Graduate Award
Project Title: The Digital Humanities, Project Gutenberg, and Retrograde Progress
Student Presenter: Lisa Dooley
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Susan Brill de Ramirez
Department: English 

Undergraduate Award
Project Title: Sonnets in the 21st Century
Student Presenter:  Darlene Jacobs
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Martha Craig
Department: English



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