Richard Gretz

Associate Professor and Academic Director of MBA and EMBA Programs

Baker Hall 208
(309) 677-2298

Ph.D. Economics, Claremont Graduate University
M.A. Economics, Claremont Graduate University
B.A. Economics, Westfield State College
B.A. Political Science, Westfield State College


Dr. Gretz came to Bradley University in 2005. His specialty is empirical industrial organization and applied game theory. His research focuses on dynamic demand estimation in network industries, product generations and product life-cycles, and entrepreneurship. He also has had significant consulting experience with Caterpillar and other corporations.  


Dr. Gretz teaches microeconomics courses at the principles, advanced undergraduate, and graduate level.  Economic analysis is a way of looking at the world.  An objective of every course is to demonstrate how economic study applies not only to markets, but to social and political phenomena as well.  The overall goal is to provide students with an extensive tool kit to analyze real word situations and theoretical results.

Courses Currently Teaching

  • ECO 332 Intermediate Microeconomics – Fall 2013
  • ECO 370 Game Theory – Spring 2014


Dr. Gretz’s research is focused primarily in the area of empirical industrial organization with an emphasis on understanding network externalities. To this end, several of his publications investigate the evolution of market leadership within and between product generations in high technology industries where hardware/software relationships are present.  He also has active research lines exploring entrepreneurship generation using public, private, and academic networks as well as government support of innovative activity.  Recently he received a research grant from Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) to study entrepreneurship generation in Peoria, IL.

Selected Journal Articles

  • “Why Quality May Not Always Win: The Impact of Product Generation Life Cycles on Quality and Network Effects in High-tech Markets,” Richard T. Gretz and Suman Basuroy Journal of Retailing, forthcoming.
  • “R&D Subsidy Games: A Cost Sharing Approach vs. Reward for Performance,” Richard T. Gretz, Jannett K. Highfill, and Robert C. Scott, Journal of Technology Transfer 37:4 (2012): 385 – 403.
  • “Hardware Quality vs. Network Size in the Home Video Game Industry," Richard T. Gretz, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 72:2 (2010) :  168-183.
  • “Console Price and Software Availability in the Home Video Game Industry,” Atlantic Economic Journal 38:1 (2010):  81-94.
  • “Strategic R&D Policy:  Societal Objectives and the Corporate Welfare Argument,” Richard T. Gretz, Jannett Highfill, and Robert C. Scott, Contemporary Economic Policy 27:1 (2009): 28-45.
  • “Strategic Innovation and Technology Adoption in an Evolving Industry,” Darren Filson and Richard T. Gretz, Journal of Monetary Economics 51:1 (January 2004): 89-121.




  • Board of Editors, International Advances in Economics Research
  • Assistant Editor, Journal of Economics


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