Ed Bond

Department Chair & Associate Professor

Baker Hall 409A
(309) 677-2280

Ph D, Arizona State University
MA, University of Northern Colorado
AB, Manhattan Christian College


Ed Bond has been a member of the marketing faculty since 1997 and has been Chair of the Marketing Department since 2007. Dr. Bond serves as a confidential advisor to organizations in the manufacturing, services, and energy sectors and is a frequent contributor to executive development for U.S. and international managers on topics including business and marketing strategy, competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, and effective cross-functional collaboration. He participates in the Executive Development Center’s Powering Up, Building Business Expertise, and Product Value Management programs for Caterpillar Inc.

Dr. Bond has served as a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge (UK) and as the Flint Hills Resources Visiting Professor of Marketing at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. A former Caterpillar Inc. Research Fellow, Dr. Bond was awarded the Foster College of Business Midwest Grain Products Teaching Award in 2001 and the National Council of Advisors Scholarship Award in 2005. In 2007, Ed was the first recipient of the Foster College of Business' MGP Products, Inc. Leadership Award. In April of 2008, Dr. Bond was accorded the once-in-a-lifetime honor of being a guest of the Blue Angels for a 40-minute VIP demonstration flight in a high-performance F/A-18.


Dr. Bond’s approach to teaching is founded on the belief that no single method is sufficient for every classroom situation. Each class has its own set of dynamics that emerge from the group of students, the subject matter, the time of day, the physical setting, and the personality of the instructor. Ed believes that students should have a sense of both discovery and contribution as they learn and that – when all is said and done – they should be able to do things they couldn’t do before taking a class.

Courses Currently Teaching

  • MTG 624 Marketing Decision Making (MBA)
  • BUS 627 Managing Technology (EMBA)
  • BUS 633 Customer Satisfaction (EMBA)
  • BUS 658 Interactive Media (EMBA)


Dr. Bond’s research centers on enhancing the performance of innovation professionals, diagnosing the role of cross-functional relationships in innovation, understanding use of channel knowledge in innovation, and uncovering the role that marketing assumes in strategy formulation. Dr. Bond’s research in progress includes:

  • Drivers of performance for innovation workers with Lance Bettencourt (360 Service Partners), Mark Houston (Texas A&M), and Michael Cole (TCU).
  • Use of information from channel partners in product development and management with Steven Kim (Iowa State University) and Subin Im (Yonsei University)
  • MNC competition with new-entrants from low-cost countries with Lance Bettencourt (360 Service Partners)
  • The impact of social network structure on individual innovator effectiveness with Mark Houston (Texas A&M) and Cinthia Satornino (Northeastern University)

Academic Proceedings

Im, S., Kim, S., Bond, E. U. (in press). In Rebecca J. Slotegraaf and David A. Griffin (Ed.), The Effect of Channel Partner Knowledge Management on New Product Outcomes. Chicago, IL: 2013 AMA Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference "Innovating and Collaborating in a Global Marketplace."

Bond, E. U., Houston, M. B. (2013). In Jim Burroughs and Aric Rindfleisch (Ed.), Migrating to Solutions: A Dynamic Capabilities View. Chicago, IL: 2013 Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference Challenging the Bounds of Marketing Thought. 

Bond, E. U., Houston, M. B. (2011). The Role of Modularity in Corporation-to-Corporation Solutions: A Knowledge-Based View. Conference of the Academy of Marketing Science.  


O'Brien, K. M. (Co-Principal), Gretz, R. T., Bond, E. U., "Entrepreneurship Study for Peoria," Sponsored by Tekes, Finland, Other. (June 2011 - December 2011).

Gretz, R. T. (Principal), Scott, R. (Co-Principal), Tukiainen, T. (Supporting), O'Brien, K. M. (Supporting), Bond, E. U. (Supporting), "Networked Entrepreneurship," Sponsored by Tekes, the main Finnish funding agency for technology and R&D, Other, $140,000.00. (May 2009 - March 2011).

Research Awards

"New Product & Innovation Best in Track Paper," American Marketing Association 2013 Summer Educators' Conference:  Innovating and Collaborating in a Global Marketplace, August 9-11, 2013.

For further information, see Dr. Bond’s Google Scholar page at:  https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=kFaUZ50AAAAJ&hl=en&authuser=1


Professional and Community

  • Reviewer – Journal of Product Innovation Management
  • Judge – Caterpillar Dealer Marketing Awards


  • Business Engineering Convergence Steering Committee
  • Management for the 21st Century Oversight Team
  • Search Committee – Associate VP for Marketing
  • Foster College of Business - Graduate Curriculum Committee
  • Foster College of Business – Executive Committee