One of the central activities of the Pre-Law Center, located at 239 Bradley Hall, is to provide ongoing, intensive advisement to pre-law students. Individualized advisement is crucial as each pre-law student will choose a combination of activities incorporating his or her own interests and career plans. Encouraging pre-law students to take coursework that develops key skills and knowledge such as critical thinking, composition, and familiarity with business and government concepts greatly enhances their chances of gaining admission to and succeeding in law school. 

Pre-Law advising also includes providing one-on-one assistance to students who are planning on going to law school. Students need help in deciding when to take the LSAT, how to prepare, how to make a list of schools to which to submit applications, in writing their personal statements, and in making their final choices of where to attend school.

Students with questions are encouraged to schedule an advising appointment with the Director of the Pre-Law Center by clicking here or calling 309-677-4200.