Pre-Law Club

Welcome to the Pre-Law Club at Bradley University. The mission of the Pre-Law Club is to aid and better prepare university students who plan on pursuing a law degree after their undergraduate years. The club is open to all students interested in learning more about law school and the law. The Pre-Law Club offers many opportunities for their members including the following:

  • Speakers
  • Courthouse tours
  • Observing local trials
  • Law school visits
  • Law school forum visits
  • Networking with legal professionals
  • LSAT preparation
  • Information about the application process
  • Many other activities aimed to increase exposure to the field of law

Please visit the Pre-Law Club's page on Facebook for more information.

Executive Board Members

  • President - Drew Blumenshine,, 309-265-5954 
  • Vice President - Charles Cohen,, 501-773-3410
  • Secretary - Krystal Gonzalez, 
  • Treasurer- Mary (Katie) Conterio,

Academic Advisor