Frequently Asked Questions

When should I go?

In general, it is usually thought that students are best prepared for the challenge of study abroad by their junior year. The Bradley experience has taught us not to hold hard and fast to that approach. Each student chooses to study abroad based upon a variety of factors; most important is how study abroad fits with their academic program on campus.

What about financial aid?

In most cases, students are entitled to use all of their financial assistance in official Bradley Directed Study Abroad programs. The same financial assistance you are eligible for on campus can be used for Study Abroad.

What will it cost?

Total cost, including airfare, varies from program to program, from as much as $3000 less to $2000 more than an equivalent semester on campus in Peoria.

One semester or more?

About two of every three students who study abroad go for one semester.

Is a foreign language required?

Several excellent programs do not require a background in foreign languages. Students who study abroad in Spain, Mexico, Germany, Austria, and France take introduction in the language of the host university.

Will I receive Bradley credit?

Students are encouraged to select courses while studying abroad to count as Bradley electives, as requirements for the major, or as general education requirements. All courses in official Bradley Directed Study Abroad are, in effect, Bradley credit hours. You will get Bradley credit, and you will make progress toward graduation.

Who do I contact?

For more information contact the International Programs Office.