The following official University guidelines govern student participation in approved "Bradley Affiliated" study abroad programs and institutions. 


  1. Bradley "Affiliated Programs and Institutions" are those programs and institutions with which Bradley has an affiliation for study abroad.
  2. Students may transfer academic credit from non-affiliated programs abroad -- assuming the program is an accredited program approved by the Director of International Programs -- but BU financial aid assistance is not transferrable to these programs, and other limiting factors may apply. Therefore, we direct BU students to examine our affiliate programs first. See us in 325 GCC for more details.
  3. Students must complete a study abroad application and receive approval for any study abroad program from their Academic Advisor, the Department Chair and the Dean of the College concerned, and the Director of Study Abroad. Extensions to stay and change of program location must have the Director's approval, in consultation with the Academic Advisor, Department Chair, and Dean.
  4. Approval for the student's program of study, including prospective courses, must be obtained prior to departure. Late approval of courses will be considered on an individual basis in cases where students must wait until arrival abroad for academic placement.
  5. Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA to apply for any study abroad program, and many individual programs specify a higher GPA for admittance. Students should ascertain GPA requirements, and deadline and application requirements, as they examine the specifics of a program they are considering for a semester or year abroad. Students may not participate in any study abroad program while on academic or disciplinary probation. 
  6. Students studying abroad full-time for either a semester or a year will be registered as full-time Bradley students.
  7. Regardless of the number of semester hours earned in study abroad, all students must earn at least 30 of the last 60 semester hours on campus in Peoria.
  8. Courses taken at a program or institution that is designated a BU "affiliated" program during a student's senior year will count toward fulfilling the requirements of having 24 of the last 30 semester hours fulfilled in residence on campus in Peoria.
  9. Credit earned in study abroad normally will count as regular Bradley credit. The Registrar's Office, in consultation with the Director of International Programs, will evaluate student study abroad transcripts.
  10. All credit earned in study abroad will be transcribed and recorded on Bradley transcripts as Pass or Fail. Grades of D and F will be recorded as Fail. The actual letter grade, or equivalent, awarded by the study abroad institution will appear on the transcript in parenthesis. This means that while courses taken abroad will count as academic credit, they will not be computed into a student's GPA.
  11. Credits earned in approved study abroad programs will not count toward the minimum of 62 hours in residence required for the award of special honors at commencement.
  12. Credit earned in study abroad may be applied toward general education requirements with the approval of the Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and toward major or minor requirements with the approval of the Department Chair and the Dean of the College concerned. Course equivalencies will be determined by the Department Chair and Dean of the College concerned. In all cases, it is an important responsibility of the student applicant to secure these approvals concerning general education requirements, major and minor requirements, and course equivalencies. This process should begin at the time the student initiates his or her application.
  13. Exceptions to requirements for participation may be granted at the discretion of the Director of International Programs with the approval of the appropriate academic dean and other relevant administrative officials and units.


  1. Eligibility for regular Bradley financial assistance will be determined by the Office of Financial Assistance.
  2. Tuition fees will vary from program to program, and must be prepaid to Bradley University prior to departure. Costs for room and board will depend upon student choices, and are generally required to be prepaid. Transportation expenses, vacation expenses during semester or term breaks, out of pocket expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses are the individual responsibility of the student and normally will not be prepaid to Bradley University.
  3. Students studying abroad will be billed by Bradley for the total amount due to the university. A non-refundable deposit of $500 will be included as part of the total fees and must be paid by the student upon completion of application. For full payment schedules, students must consult the Office of Study Abroad.
  4. Individual student accounts in the controller's office must be paid in full or students must receive special clearance prior to participating in any study abroad program.

Study Abroad Fee

Bradley University has made a substantial commitment to encourage and facilitate study abroad for all its qualified students.  The Unversity is guided in the program by a strongly held conviction that study abroad is a special opportunity that must be self-supporting as much as possible.  Students who are unable to take advantage of this program cannot be expected to subsidize or support those who do.  Therefore, participating students are assessed a $500 fee to cover costs.  This fee applies both to BU "Affiliated Programs and Institutions" and to non-affiliated programs (these require separate approval) from which a BU student intends to transfer academic credit.