Disciplinary Matters

The University of Texas at Austin will enforce the UT Student Code of Responsibility for all students participating in the program and will manage any issues of student conduct accordingly. Students will be directed to review information on the UT Code of Conduct prior to confirmation of acceptance in the online application system. Staff at the UTLA Center will communicate problems and issues to Bradley University representative in a timely manner. The University of Texas at Austin reserves the right to remove a student from the program.

Health Insurance Requirement

All participants from Bradley University are required to hold health insurance coverage for the duration of their participation in the Semester in Los Angeles Program. Bradley University is responsible for ensuring that all nominated students are in compliance with this requirement of participation in the program.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage Requirement

Students of Bradley University, who will be staying at premises owned, leased or operated by U.T. Austin shall be provided with Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage on a primary basis by Bradley University in the amounts stated below with no deductible:  

  • Accidental Death Benefit - $10,000
  • Maximum Medical Benefit - $20,000