The Bradley University Hollywood Semester is affiliated with the University of Texas at Austin’s West Coast hub for teaching and research on film, television and electronic media, as well as a resource for industry and alumni activity. The Bradley University Hollywood Semester in Los Angeles Program is housed in the UTLA Center in Burbank, California. The UTLA Center is managed by Phil Nemy, Executive Director.

Academic and Internship Program and Program Credit

Bradley students are required to maintain full-time registration status with The University of Texas at Austin over the course of their participation in the Semester in Los Angeles Program.  This means undergraduate students must take 12 credit hours over fall or spring semester or 9 credit hours over the summer session. All participants are required to register for “Communication Internship: Semester in Los Angeles” course (COM350L), and may select other courses from the standard program offerings, which currently include:





How Hollywood Works: The Business of Show Business



The Development Process of Film & Television



Inside the Music Industry



New Media & Emerging Entertainment



Careers in Entertainment



Communication Internship: Semester in Los Angeles


Course syllabi and detailed academic information will be provided separately.

COM 350L Internship Course

Students are required to complete 150 hours of work with an internship host organization. Other internship requirements will be listed with the UTLA Semester in Los Angeles enrolment documents. The course is taken on a credit/no credit basis. Staff at the UTLA Center and at Bradley University may assist students with the internship search process, but students carry the responsibility of securing an internship.  Internships may also be secured through Bradley University.  The UTLA Center will provide the necessary services and supervision to support positive and productive student internship experiences. The Center provides information and resources, including:

  • Information on obtaining an internship (online resources and via pre-departure orientation);
  • Information on policies and procedures related to internships;
  • Access to a database of employers maintained by the UTLA Center;
  • Email updates on industry job and internship opportunities;
  • Access to industry periodicals at the UTLA Center;
  • Site supervision and evaluation visits from UTLA staff;
  • Evaluation tools and information.

Students are not limited to applying for the internships listed in the UTLA employer database, and are encouraged to seek opportunities that best fit their skills, objectives and interests.


The University of Texas at Austin will provide instructors to teach and administer the courses, as appropriate in a manner consistent with the core academic program in Los Angeles. Full control of the academic program, including, but not limited to enrollment requirements, procedures, and administration of credit will be vested in the University of Texas at Austin College of Communication and its representatives.


Courses taught in the Semester in Los Angeles Program are courses listed in the official Course Catalog at The University of Texas at Austin. Students who complete the program will be issued an official transcript from Bradley University.

Academic Requirements and Student Selection

Students are selected by Bradley University in a manner consistent with the program eligibility criteria: Students must be undergraduate degree-seeking students in good standing, have successfully completed a minimum of 56 credit hours, hold a minimum GPA of 2.5/4.0, and have successfully completed one introduction to media course prior to participation (COM 101). Students participating in the Semester in LA Program remain enrolled in their home institution, in accordance with its established policies. All applicants are required to provide a Disciplinary Clearance form signed by the appropriate representative at Bradley University.

Application and Registration

Students nominated by Bradley University will be required to complete an online application for the Semester in LA Program and register for their courses through The University of Texas at Austin Division of Continuing & Innovative Education. The University of Texas at Austin reserves the right to make final decisions on admission to the program.  All Bradley University students will be required to apply for the Bradley University Hollywood Semester through the office of the Associate Dean of the Slane College of Communication and Fine Arts.   The Associate Dean reserves the option to select the students requesting to study through the UTLA Hollywood Center.

Pass/Fail Option

A student desiring to register pass/fail for a Semester in Los Angeles course under The University of Texas at Austin’s pass/fail system must receive the permission from Bradley University to do so.  Student requests are subject to established program academic policy timelines.

Upon completion of the program, grades will be sent to Bradley University and posted as earned semester credit hours.