Small Groups

EHS faculty have formed small interest groups to explore specific research. If you are interested in meeting with any of these small groups, please contact Paige Dickinson at ext. 3181.

Interdisciplinary Research Small Groups

Childhood Obesity:
Stacie Bertram, Kurt Neelly, A.J. Strubhar

Elderly Knowledge Base: Pilot Study:
Jeannette Davidson, Molly Cluskey, Carol Gard, Jackie Ruthman, Peggy Flannigan, Chris Rybak, Mary Jo Mays

Meeting the Needs of High Risk Children:
Jenny Tripses, Kevin Hatfield, Hwa Lee

Study Skills for Bradley University Students:
Fran Armmer, Lesley Graham, Betty Church, Cindy Brubaker, Janet Jackson, Jean Marie Grant, Jobie Skaggs

Written Drug Information:
Nina Collins

Readability of HIPPA Forms:
Nina Collins, Peggy Flannigan