Internal Funding

Application Process Simplified

  1. Follow the guidelines below for your Publication, Research, or Presentation
  2. Download the new electronic form (requires Adobe Reader).
  3. Type your project information directly into the document.
  4. Email the form -OR- submit a printed copy along with any supporting materials to Rona McCoy in Westlake 203A,

Applications are accepted three times a year.

Deadlines for 2015-2016 Academic Year:

  • FALL:  September 18, 2015 and October 30, 2015
  • SPRING:  March 4, 2016

To be considered for funding, ALL proposals must be in by the stated deadlines. Proposals submitted after the deadline will only be considered for the next semester.


Option 1: RESEARCH

The purpose of this category is to assist in the costs of research, with the clearly intended outcome of presentation and a submitted publication. Funding is available for individual projects for up to $1,500/semester/group. Applying to other funding sources is encouraged.

Allowable expenses:

  1. Start-up money for a new project, or continuation of a current project
  2. Legitimate costs include:
    • Cost for a research instrument, e.g., questionnaires, CD-ROMs
    • Research assistants
    • Laboratory costs: costs of chemicals, procedures, and instruments (limited)
    • Travel* to become familiar with other research in the area, workshops, liaison

What will not be considered:

  1. This fund is not intended to replace departmental or external funding.
  2. Hardware, software, or printers should be funded through individual departments.

(Certain expenses may be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Call Janet Jackson ext. 2534 with questions.)


By accepting this grant, you commit to:

  1. Submit a 1-page report to CRS at completion of this research
  2. Present at a Research Forum meeting, if requested.
  3. Submit a presentation or publication of this research and hand in a copy of the abstract or manuscript respectively.
  4. Submit an abstract for presentation at a national/state meeting and/or a manuscript for publication to a peer review journal within one year of completion of the research supported by this grant.


The purpose of this funding resource is to assist faculty who have been accepted, through a peer review process, to present their research (posters or oral) at national or international meetings. Funding is available up to $1,500 per presentation (if it is a group presentation, it is up to individuals to decide how the money is used). All individuals claiming support must be listed on the program as presenters. Provide IRB approval number along with the title of the presentation.

Detailed budget and rationale must be provided: It is important to provide a budget that indicates what specific portions of your expenses will be contributed by your department, outside contributors, and what you are requesting from CRS.

Allowable expenses:

  1. Travelsupport in addition to departmental funding and personal expenses or outside funding:
    • Air or car fare for all presenters
    • Hotel stay for 2 nights (before and after presentation)
    • Meals for 1 travel day and 2 conference days
  2. Costs of presentation material

By accepting this grant, you commit to submit a manuscript for publication to a peer review journal within six months after this presentation. Send a copy of the manuscript to CRS.

*Per University policy, all travel must be approved by the Dean. If your project requires you to travel, make sure you submit a pre-approval form. You may submit this form after the CRS application deadline, so long as it is received by the Dean's Office at least thirty days prior to the date of travel.


Limited funding (up to $500) is available to assist authors with the cost of publications when additional charges are involved:

  1. Statement of acceptance from the journal and publication date.
  2. A clear statement that this is a refereed peer-reviewed journal.
  3. A copy of the costs, e.g., journal charges and illustrations.
  4. Copy of the article as accepted for publication, including journal title and authors.

The CRS Administrative Council evaluates proposals and makes recommendations to the CRS Director, who submits them to the EHS Dean for final approval. You will be notified via mail the status of your application within a reasonable time.

Questions should be addressed to: 
Janet Jackson, ext.2534,