Study Abroad

Globalization is rapidly bringing the world closer together. The pace of global integration has become much faster and more dramatic because of unprecedented advances in technology, communications and transportation. Preparing students with the skills to do business in a global economy is a top priority for the Foster College of Business. With study abroad, Foster College students can complement their classroom studies with a new world of practical experiences to apply to their future career.

An International Focus

Recognizing the importance of keeping pace with currently emerging markets, the Foster College curriculum includes specific international business courses focusing on practical issues of doing business in China, India and Mexico. To help you make the jump from learning about how the world does business to experiencing it first-hand, each of these courses includes its own intensive study abroad experience. 

Foster College’s Global Scholars Program also provides enhanced preparation for the global marketplace with two intensive study abroad experiences, international business coursework and language instruction.

Through teaching and researching in business settings worldwide, Foster College faculty continually explore the latest in international trends and issues – bringing a wealth of observations and insights back to the classroom. Our faculty regularly participate in programs tied to universities and businesses in England, Russia, China, Mexico, Finland, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Germany, and Poland. Our faculties’ expertise in emerging economies helped establish the first for-profit business school in Russia.

Flexible Options

Bradley offers many flexible study abroad options ranging from one or two-week excursions and interim programs to a semester or full year of study. Spend your spring break in China, India, or Mexico; a full year in Finland; or a summer in the Czech Republic. Bradley offers many opportunities to experience emerging business destinations in Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Israel, Egypt, and Asia.

For more information about possible destinations and timeframes as well as study abroad academic and financial requirements, visit