Program Requirements

Foreign Language (0-8 hours)

Students must complete one of the following course sequences: FLF/WLF 101 and 102, FLG/WLG 101 and 102, FLH/WLH 101 and 102, or FLS/WLS 101 and 101 (elementary French, German, Hebrew and Spanish or equivalent.) Students with sufficient training in foreign languages may fulfill this requirement by appropriately passing the foreign language placement exam, administered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

Students who complete a university approved language program abroad will fulfill both the foreign languages and the study abroad requirements.

Global Forces (6 hours)

Two courses from the following; only one can be from student’s major:

  • BIO 300 Population, Resources and Environment 
  • CHM 300 Chemistry and Civilization
  • GES 300 Oceanography: The Human Perspective
  • HIS 339 Women in Global Perspective 
  • IS 250 Normative Theories of International Studies
  • IS 415 Transnational Forces in World Affairs 
  • PHL/PLS 308 Modern Political Philosophy
  • PLS 205 Introduction to Comparative Politics 
  • PLS 208 Fundamentals of International Relations 
  • PLS 317 International Law
  • PLS 318 International Organization
  • PLS 319 International Political Economy 
  • PSY 474 Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • RLS 101 Comparative Religions
  • RLS 332 Religions of the World
  • SOC 300 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Gender 
  • SOC 311 Comparative Family Systems
  • SOC 326 Sociology of Globalization 

Cultures from Around the Globe (6 hours)

Two courses from the following; only one can be from student’s major

  • ENG 123 European Writers
  • ENG 381 Literatures of Asia
  • ENG 385 Literatures of Europe
  • FLF/WLF 315/325  Introduction to French Literature
  • FLG/WLG 315/325  Introduction to German Literature
  • FLS/WLS 315/325 Introduction to Literature (Hispanic)
  • FLS/WLS 342 Survey of Hispanic-America Literature I
  • FLS/WLS 343 Survey of Hispanic-American Literature II
  • HIS 205 Non-Western Civilization: Latin America
  • HIS 206 Non-Western Civilization: The Middle East Since Muhammad
  • HIS 336 Early Non-Western History and Geography
  • HIS 337 Modern Non-Western History and Geography 
  • IS 182 Fundamentals of Contemporary East Asian Civilization 
  • IS 275 Political Economy of the Developing World 
  • IS 285 East Asia in the Modern World
  • IS 322 Latin America in the International System 
  • IS 340 Africa in the International System 
  • IS 363 Middle East Nations in International Affairs 
  • RLS 331 Religions of the Eastern World 
  • RLS 336 Buddhism and Asian Civilizations 
  • SOC 305 Peoples & Cultures of the Non-Western World

Study Abroad (3 hours)

Studying abroad gives students a deeper understanding of the institutions, history, and languages of other societies and cultures. Students in the Global Scholars Program must participate in a university-approved study abroad program for a minimum of 3 credit hours. Bradley provides a variety of study abroad options, including programs offered during Bradley’s Interim and Summer Sessions as well as during the academic year. Study abroad is available to students throughout their academic career in a wide range of academic disciplines at over twenty academic institutions in eighteen countries.

Participants taking any of their required Global Scholars coursework abroad will receive credit for fulfilling both the course and the study abroad requirement. For specific information concerning the Study Abroad program offered by the Bradley University Study Abroad program, please visit the Study Abroad Program.