OLLI Study Groups

Study Groups

If you're like many OLLI members, you want to learn more about the things that interest you.  That's what Study Groups offer - the opportunity to investigate a topic in depth with like-minded peers.  You may work independently outside the group; you may lead the group; or anything in between.  Study Groups are your connection to studying what you most enjoy with people who share your enthusiasm.  

Study Groups meet at Bradley as well as several satellite locations throughout the community including Bickford of Peoria Senior Living, Humana Guidance Center, Lutheran Hillside Village, the Peoria NEXT Innovation Center, Trinity Lutheran Church, United Presbyterian Church, UnityPoint Health Methodist North, and Universalist Unitarian Church.

OLLI Study Groups meet throughout the year convening weekly for two hours and continuing for up to eight sessions.

Current Information

Fall Study Groups (PDF)
Summer Study Groups (PDF)
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Facilitator Information

Study Group Facilitator Guide (PDF)
Study Group Worksheet Winter (PDF fill-in form)
Study Group Worksheet Spring (PDF fill-in form)
Study Group Worksheet Summer (PDF fill-in form)
Study Group Worksheet Fall (PDF fill-in form)

Worksheet Deadlines:
Summer 2015 (June, July, August):  March 6, 2015
Fall 2015 (September, October, November):  June 5, 2015
Winter 2016 (January, February):  September 18, 2015
Spring 2016 (March, April, May):  December 4, 2015