Strengthening Chemical Bonds


ACS Grant Funding

Because this workshop is funded through the generosity and full support of ACS and a Local Section Innovative Project Grant, the program is offered free.  Morning refreshments will be provided.

Overview of Program Goals

  • Improve chemistry education in central Illinois
  • Promote networking among participants, who are all recipients of post-secondary education and potential future chemistry instructors themselves - either formally or informally. 
  • Facilitate information exchange about teaching in the college chemistry curriculum

Chemistry Experiment

We will do hands-on chemistry activities and demonstrations involving Vernier data-acquisition software and hardware for integration into high school or college chemistry curricula.  Sensors that we will use include temperature, pH, gas pressure, and mechanical probes.  The equipment will then be available for loan to high school or college chemistry educators who participate in the workshop.

 All attendees will be active participants.  Participants will be encouraged to perform and describe the pedagogy of safe demonstrations/activities that use these data acquisition systems, and will be asked to provide short written summaries of their demonstrations for distribution. All attendees will be provided with a “care package” of safe demonstration items for use in their own teaching and outreach programs..

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Have the opportunity to share their personal approach to chemistry education
  2. Learn how their peers approach chemistry education
  3. Learn how members of other areas of education approach chemistry
  4. Have the opportunity to share effective chemistry demonstrations with others
  5. Be encouraged to form joint high school and college learning communities focused on furthering the discussions begun at the workshop