Bradley gives back in CPA Day of Service

October 5, 2010

Accounting majors see numbers every day, but last Friday the number 4,640 was particularly significant.

That is the number of people fed as a result of the volunteer work done by over a dozen accounting majors and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) at the Midwest Food Bank.

On Sept. 24, the Illinois CPA (ICPA) society urged accountants across the state to devote time to various types of community service.

More than 900 CPAs and CPA candidates participated statewide. Here in Peoria, it was a good opportunity for Bradley alumni and current students to join forces in giving back to the community.

CPA planner and Bradley alumnus Jared Woiwode thought the event was a hit.

“This was the very first statewide movement for a CPA Day of Service in Illinois,” Woiwode said. “It was really a fantastic opportunity to be involved in the first year of an event and to see it be such a huge success.” 

Megan Halverson, a Bradley student who helped at the Midwest Food Bank, shared her impressions of the day. 

“It made me feel like I made a difference in the lives of many hungry people in my community,” Halverson said. “This event was different because we could immediately feel the impact of our work.”

Other local ICPA events included the following: cleaning up and landscaping trails in Forest Park Nature Center; painting and cleaning a PARC facility, a home for the disabled; and volunteering at a wine tasting event at the Peoria Zoo.

Bradley alumna Ashley Barton was enthusiastic about the widespread effort.

“It was great to know that people all across the state were participating and that so many people were helped on that one day,” Barton said.

Dr. Simon Petravick – faculty advisor of Beta Alpha Psi, the national honorary organization for accounting majors – emphasized the importance of events like the CPA Day of Service.

“It’s not about sitting in our office, interviewing people and pushing numbers around,” Petravick said. “We don’t forget there are people who need help, and we need to take some time out and work with them. I think that’s a lot of what Bradley is all about.”