Bradley Adds Internal Auditing Minor

October 7, 2010

Elise Dismer

PEORIA, Il. -- NASDAQ companies have them. NYSE companies have them. In fact, most big businesses do.

Who are they?

Internal auditors.

The job of an internal auditor is to help an organization achieve its goals by analyzing business procedures, troubleshooting problems, and recommending solutions.   

As a result of the market’s high demand for internal auditors, Bradley has added to its curriculum the opportunity for business students to pursue an internal auditing minor.

With this minor, Bradley students will be more attractive to potential employers.

According to Bradley’s survey of Chief Audit Executives – who hire directly out of college – over 70 percent of employers surveyed indicated a positive interest in hiring business students with Bradley’s minor in internal auditing.

Although it may be the first year this minor has been offered, Bradley has been a part of the Institute of Internal Auditors’ Internal Audit Education Partnership Program (IAEP) for the past three years. 

As a member of the IAEP, Bradley’s program has been reviewed by the Institute of Internal Auditor’s Academic Relations Committee and found to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to enter the internal auditing profession. 

“There are many benefits to being a part of the IAEP,” said Dr. Simon Petravick, Bradley’s IAEP coordinator. “We can send students to leadership conferences. We obtain access to case studies and educational materials. We regularly have internal auditors serve as guest speakers in our classes. And, we can receive grants for adding new courses.”

The university’s IAEP membership shows potential employers that Bradley internal auditing students have received a professionally recognized education.

“I hope students from many business majors will take advantage of it,” Petravick said.