Stephen Kerr

Associate Professor, BU TAC Program Director

Baker Hall 429
(309) 677-2283

Ph D, Educational Administration and Leadership, University of Alberta, 2000.
MBA, University of Alberta, 1996.
B. Com, University of Alberta, 1983.


Stephen has been at Bradley University since 2007.  Prior to joining Bradley University he taught at the University of Nevada Reno and Athabasca University.  Stephen held managerial positions in the railroad, trucking, public relations, and banking sectors before returning to school for doctoral studies.  His research focuses on the need for accounting information that supports managerial decision-making.

Professional Experience


  • Society of Management Accountants of Alberta. (October 1988 - Present).
  • American Accounting Association. (September 1999 - Present).
  • Canadian Academic Accounting Association. (July 1996 - Present).
  • Institute of Management Accountants. (January 2000 - Present).


  • ATG 157 Accounting Principles - Financial
  • ATG 204 Managerial Accounting
  • ATG 514 Cost Accounting
  • ATG 658 Strategic Performance Measurement


Stephen’s research has focused accounting information that supports managerial-decision making.  He has published in the form of case studies and scholarly papers. 

Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles in the Last Five Years

Kerr, S. G. (in press). Driving Performance Where: Evaluating the Financial Benefits of the Balanced  Scorecard. Strategic Management

Lange, E. A., Kerr, S. G. (2013). Accounting Incentives For Sustainability in Higher Education:  An  Interdisciplinary Analysis of a Needed Revolution (23). Social Responsibility Journal, 9(2), 210-219.  

Kerr, S. G., Gillett, J. W., Sandoz, N. (2012). International Financial Reporting Standards: Specific  Challenges For Readers. Journal of Financial and Economic Practice, 12(2), 52-66. 

Kerr, S. G., Lange, E. A. (2011). Using Accounting Reform to Stimulate Sustainability Practices in  Higher Education:  A Sociological Analysis of Financial Storytelling. Journal of Learning in Higher Education,  7(2), 109-116. 

Kerr, S. G. (2011). Performance Funding of Public Universities: A Case Study. The Journal of Academic  Administration in Higher Education, 7(2), 47-60. 

Kerr, S. G. (2011). A Note of Caution: The International CPA Designation. American Journal of Business  Education, 4(6), 39-44. 

Leadership in Academic Societies

  • Officer, Vice President, Institute of Management Accountants, 2011-2013


Program Director – BU-TAC Program.  This is a collaborative program providing accounting education to Japanese accountants seeking a US-CPA license.  The program serves around 200 students a year.

  • Masters of Science in Accountancy Admissions Committee. (August 2009 - Present).
  • Office for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Development Advisory Board. (2008/2009 and 2010/2011).
  • University Senate Service, Bradley University Senate. (2008-2010 and 2010-2012).
  • University Resources Committee 2009/2010 and 2010/2011).
  • Faculty Advisor, Student Senate. (2009/2010 and 2010/2011).
  • Bradley University Asian Studies Committee. (August 2008 - Present).
  • Greater Illinois Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants, VP Education (2010/11).

Licensures & Certifications

Certified Management Accountant, Society of Management Accountants of Alberta. (October 1988 - Present).