Outstanding Faculty Award

Presented by the CEC Advisory Board in recognition of outstanding performance at Bradley University.

2012 Outstanding Faculty Member - Dr. Robert W. Fuessle

Dr. Fuessle is a remarkable teacher, a quality scholar and a dedicated faculty in serving our students and University. His willingness to teach outside his area of expertise continues to make a significant difference in our department. He has developed new courses in the sustainability area, which is very significant for the program.

One of Dr. Fuessle's students received a prestigious award competing against PhD students for coauthoring and presenting a paper at the 25th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy in Amherst, MA. He also helped another student with her research exposition and served as a reviewer on two books and journals.

Dr. Fuessle is the head of the Civil Engineering program, faculty advisor to environmental majors, and also the head of the CEC undergraduate recruiting. Dr. Fuessle's passion for sharing the good news about the CEC Department with potential recruits is the main reason that our department secured the largest incoming freshman class in its history for the second year in a row. Dr. Fuessle has also led the initiative to modify and improve the CE program, which is a significant contribution.

Dr. Fuessle is a loyal faculty member who has excelled in all areas. We congratulate Dr. Fuessle on winning the 2012 Outstanding Faculty Award.

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Outstanding Faculty Member

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