ASCE logoAll students can become members of the student chapter of ASCE and participate in the many exciting activities of the organization. The student chapter annually participates in the Great Lakes Region concrete canoe and steel bridge building competitions. The chapter provides "Pals" for the successful "Bridge Pal" program designed to promote engineering to grade schools and high schools. Examples of the extensive service provided by the chapter include sponsorship of the FE examination review series each semester, by participation in the Adopt-a-Highway program, and by participation in Habitat for Humanity.

The chapter brings professional speakers to campus to make presentations on engineering projects and takes field trips to examples of civil engineering design. ASCE also sponsors an annual forum on graduate education. ASCE offers many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills by being an officer or a committee chairperson. Members and officers are able to attend regional and national conferences and leadership meetings. They also co-host the CEC Fiesta for new students in the department and, with other student organizations, host a Christmas party.

ASCE Officers

President Raciel Ocampo

Raciel Ocampo - President

Vice-President Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O'Brien - Vice-President

Treasurer Patricia White

Patricia White - Treasurer

Secretary Karla Blanco

Karla Blanco - Secretary

Social Chair Derik Leary

Derik Leary - Social Chair

Concrete Canoe Chair Ben Leege

Ben Leege - Concrete Canoe Chair

Steel Bridge Chair Erik Larson

Erik Larson - Steel Bridge Chair

2012-2013 ASCE Officers

2012-2013 ASCE Officers

ASCE Images

ASCE Surveying Team - Spring 2012 2nd Place Great Lakes ASCE Regional CompetitionASCE Concrete Canoe 2009 ASCE Steel Bridge Competition ASCE Concrete Golf Competition IL River Sweep IL River Sweep IL River Sweep