Phi Kappa Phi Academic Hall of Fame

Founded in 1897, the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the nation’s oldest, largest and most selective, all-discipline honor society. FKF’s mission statement reads: To recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to encourage the community of scholars in service to others. The Bradley University chapter of FKF was founded in 1963 with chemistry Professors Thomas F. Cummings, Mark C. Paulson, H. John Sathoff, John H. Shroyer and Bhagat Singh among the charter members. In 1977, the chapter established the Bradley University Academic Hall of Fame. Each year the chapter selects up to five academically exceptional seniors from those students nominated by their academic department for membership in the Hall of Fame. The requirements of induction are a minimum of 60 hours in residence and a GPA of 3.75. Recipients are selected on the basis of their genuine love of learning as well as their academic records, extra-curricular activities and independent studies. The chemistry and biochemistry majors named below have been elected to the Academic Hall of Fame.

Bradley J. Helmer – 1978

Vickie D. Marquis – 1978

Marifaith Hackett – 1979

Robert J. Simonson – 1980

David A. Betebenner – 1981

Jeffrey T. DePinto – 1988

Elaine C. Robbins – 1989

Michael G. Jakoby – 1990

Gerald A. Weisenburger – 1994

Meghan E. Thorne – 2004

Ian D. Tevis – 2005

Rebecca L. Sanders – 2006

Kara M. Williams – 2006

Bryce A. Cunningham – 2007

Sarah T. Westrick – 2007

Colleen J. Eckstein – 2008

Terese A. Kreifels – 2009

Douglas R. Juvinall – 2010

Aaron B. League – 2011

Beth A. Boudreau – 2012

Jordan J. Hinman – 2013

Joshua G. Hinman – 2013

Mary J. Smitley – 1995

Cynthia A. Jablonski – 1996

Brian J. Plattner – 1997

Julie A. Erskine – 1998

Aimee E. Loar – 1998

Janice L. Pellino – 2000

Beth M. Nichols – 2001

Amanda L. Schlein – 2001

April L. MacKellar – 2004