Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar Schedule

March 4, 2012


Spring 2012--Thursdays 12 noon; Olin 164

January 19 No seminar; CHM 380 and 480 students meet; presentation by Dr. Rick Smith of
the Smith Career Center

January 26 580 Graduate Seminar: Daniel Turner, “Single-Molecule Spectroscopic
Investigations of Inorganic Porous Thin Films”

February 2 580 Graduate Seminar: Avery Kellogg, “Coordination Polymers: A Rapidly
Expanding Field of Study”

February 9 580 Graduate Seminar: Jamie Marsh, “Multi-technique Analysis of the Adsorption
of Small Molecules on Colloidal Metal Oxide Nano-particles”

February 16 580 Graduate Seminar: Jyothirmai Alapati, “Self-assembly of gp96: Effects of ATP
and Isolation of Distinct Oligomeric Species”

February 23 480 Senior Seminars: David Moravec, “Solvent Induced Conformational Changes in
Beta-Resorcylic Acid, a Model Compound of the Mycotoxin Zearalenone”;
Amanda Chadderdon, "Proteome of Skeletal Muscle Lipid Droplet Reveals
Association with Mitochondria and Apolipoprotein A-I"

March 1 480 Senior Seminars: Jameil Abou-Hanna, “Exercise-induced BCL2-regulated
Autophagy is Required for Muscle Glucose Homeostasis”;
Harshani Weerakoon, "Characterization of Binding Interactions between GP96 and
Concanavalin A using Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)"

March 8 480 Senior Seminars: Khang Nguyen (Fry); Adam Sheppard

March 15 Spring Break

March 22 480 Senior Seminars: Scott Majercik (McQuade); Chloe Schmitt

March 29 480 Senior Seminars: Nicole Harrison (Flint); Margaret Kostecki (Taylor)

April 5 480 Senior Seminars: Tom Galla (Bosma); Rich Villarreal (Andersh)

April 12 480 Senior Seminars: Mollie Roark (Andersh)

April 19 480 Senior Seminars: Tyler Alleman (Flint); Felicia Couri (Andersh)

April 26 Awards Seminar / Pizza Party