Matthew Tennyson


Bradley Hall 183
(309) 677-2145

Ph.D., Computer Science, Nova Southeastern University
M.S., Computer Science, Bradley University
B.S., Computer Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


Matthew earned his B.S. in computer engineering from Rose-Hulman in 1999. Immediately after graduating, he started working at Caterpillar, developing embedded systems for various types of earth-moving machinery. Also during his tenure at Cat, Matthew developed and supported various Web applications, developed and supported the electrical harness design process and related software, and trained engineers in the usage of the process and software.

In 2004, while still working at Cat, Matthew earned his M.S. in computer science from Bradley as a part-time student. A few years later, he decided to make a drastic life and career change and re-enter the world of academia full-time. He began teaching at Heartland Community College and Midstate College, and started pursuing a Ph.D. at Nova Southeastern University through a distance-learning program.

Shortly after enrolling at Nova, Midstate offered Matthew a position as director of the CIS and MIS programs. After about two years at Midstate, an opportunity opened at Bradley. He's now the full-time lecturer in the CS&IS department at Bradley University.


Matthew teaches many of the introductory-level classes in the CS&IS department. Specifically, he has taught the following courses:

  • CS 100 Introduction to Programming Concepts and Languages
  • CS 101 Introduction to Programming
  • CS 140 Programming in C++
  • CS 210 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CIS 203 Data Processing with COBOL
  • CIS 215 Introduction to Scripting Languages
  • CIS 377 Advanced COBOL Systems and Environments


Matthew's research interests include software engineering, data structures and algorithms, theory of programming, and computer science education.


Matthew is involved in several community-outreach programs (especially those dealing with K through 12 STEM education). These activities include the facilitation of hands-on workshops for K-12 students in coordination with Computer Science Education Week and National Lab Day. Matthew is also involved in professional activities – he is language editor for an academic journal and a conference peer reviewer. Matthew also stays active in the department by serving on various committees as needed.