Joshua Lewer

McCord Professor of Executive Management Development

Baker Hall 210
(309) 677-2301

Ph.D., Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M.A., Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B.A., Economics and Business Administration, Augustana College


Joshua Lewer has been a member of the Department of Economics faculty at Bradley University since 2007.  He is also research fellow for the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Bonn, Germany.  Prior to coming to Bradley, Joshua was the Gene Edwards Professor of Banking at West Texas A&M University.  Outside of academics, he has also been a registered representative with Prudential Investments.


Warren Buffett once said, “Economics tends to put people to sleep.”  While it is true that economic analysis is often a difficult and complex subject for students, Dr. Lewer strives to teach it in a manner that is both exciting and relevant.  His overall teaching philosophy revolves around guided learning whereby students are challenged to solve problems related to various national and global issues by applying various economic analyses.

Dr. Lewer has won several teaching awards including the First Year Teaching Award at Bradley University in 2008.

Courses Currently Teaching

  • ECO 222 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECO 333 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
  • ECO 608 US Business Cycles in International Economics
  • EMBA Courses in Economics
  • Powering Up
  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)


Dr. Lewer's research interests are in the fields of globalization and economic growth and has published over 40 refereed journal articles in those areas. In 2007, his first book entitled International Trade and Economic Growth was published by M.E. Sharpe and the second edition of his Principles of Macroeconomics was published in 2015 by Cognella Academic Press. Joshua serves on the editorial board of several leading academic journals and enjoys working with students on their research projects.


Lewer, J. J., Scott, R. (2015). The Economic Environment of Business (Third Edition) (pp. 92). Peoria IL: EDC. [Published: February 2015]

Lewer, J. J., Scott, R. (2011). The Economic Environment of Business (Second Edition) (pp. 107). Peoria, IL: Bradley's Executive Development Center. [Published: September 2011]

Lewer, J. J. (2011). Principles of Macroeconomics (pp. 414). San Diego, CA: Cognella Academic Press. [Published: August 2011]

Peer-Reviewed Journals

(Cabell's) Lewer, J. J., Gretz, R. T. (2014). Economic Integration and the Gravity Model: Explaining Immigration Patterns to Europe. Indian Journal of Economics and Business, 13(1). [Accepted: December 2013, Published: January (1st Quarter/Winter) 2014]

Lewer, J. J., Weinstein, R. (2013). The Impact of Constraints on Macroeconomic Policy Effectiveness. Journal of Economics and Engineering, 4(2), 23-32. [Published: December 2013]

Pacheco, G., Lewer, J. J., Rossouw, S. (2013). Do Non-Economic Quality of Life Factors Drive Immigration? Social Indicators Research, 110(1), 1-15. [Accepted: August 2011, Published: January (1st Quarter/Winter) 2013, Submitted: September 2010]

(Cabell's) Hillenbrand, E., Lewer, J. J., Zagardo, J. (2010). Backtracking from Globalization. Global Economy Journal, 10(4), Article 6. [Published: December 2010, Submitted: May 2010]

Competitive Research Awards Received

Goitein, B. J. (Supporting), Weinstein, R. (Principal), Lewer, J. J., Scott, R., "OSF/UICOMP Simulation and Education Center Economic Impact," Sponsored by OSF Jump Trading Center, Private, $17,949.00. (November 2012 - April 2013). [Start: November 2012, End: April 2013, Submitted: November 2012, Expected Submission: November 2012]

Other Research

Lewer, J. J., Missouri Valley Economics Association, "Immigration Flows within the Western Hemisphere", St. Louis MO. (October, 2014).

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Hillenbrand, E. (Presenter & Author), Lewer, J. J. (Author Only), Zagardo, J. (Author Only), University of Kentucky, "Deglobalization", Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, Lexington, KY. (September, 2010). 




  • Editorial Review Board, Global Economy Journal
  • Editorial Review Board, The Journal of Economics

University and College

  • Bradley Student Orientation
  • OTEFD, Innovative Teaching Panel
  • FCBA Undergraduate Curriculum Committee


  • Heartland Partnership, Economic Consultant
  • South Side Mission, Jobs Partnership Program