Jannett Highfill


Baker Hall 210
(309) 677-2304

Ph.D., Economics, University of Kansas
M.A., Economics, University of Kansas
M.F.A., Poetry, Warren Wilson College
B.B.A., Economics, Wichita State University


Professor Highfill has been at Bradley University since 1985.  Her primary professional aspiration is to achieve balance between teaching and research; she’s taught 21 difference courses at Bradley and publishes a couple of articles a year.

Professional Experience

Editor, Global Economy Journal
President, Missouri Valley Economics Association


I have taught many classes at Bradley University, from the very technical, Mathematical Economics, to the literary, Economics in Literature.  My primary interest is, however, in Global Economics.  I am also devoted to Principles of Macroeconomics, perhaps the most challenging course I teach.

Courses Currently Teaching

  • ECO 391 International Trade
  • ECO 418 Mathematical Economics
  • ECO 498 Senior Seminar Economics I
  • ECO 499 Senior Seminar Economics II
  • I B 391 International Trade


My original field is applied optimal control theory as applied to economic problems, particularly, the optimal paths of intra-industry R&D subsidy games, firm-level research and development, and municipal recycling.  Other research interests at present include municipal spending and diversity and empirical investigations of eBay auction outcomes.

International Atlantic Economic Society August, 2014 Member of the Month

Selected Publications 

Highfill, J. K., McAsey, M. (2013). Welfare Measures in Dynamic Firm R&D Games. International Advances in Economic Research 19(4), 439-449.

Gretz, R. T., Highfill, J. K., Scott, R. (2012).  R&D Subsidy Games:  A Cost Sharing Approach vs. Reward for Performance. Journal of Technology Transfer, 37(4), 385-403.

Gretz, R. T., Highfill, J. K., Scott, R. (2009). Strategic R&D Policy: Societal Objectives and the Corporate Welfare Argument. Contemporary Economic Policy, 27(1), 28-45.

Highfill, J. K., O’Brien, K. M. (2009). The Effect of Alternative e-Prices on eBay Book Auctions. Atlantic Economic Journal, 37, 383-395.

Highfill, J. K. (2008). The Global Economy Journal as the Editor Sees It. Global Economy Journal, 8(2), Article 5.

Highfill, J. K., O’Brien, K. M. (2007). Bidding and Prices for Online Art Auctions: Sofa Art or Investment. Journal of Cultural Economics, 31(4), 279-292.

Highfill, J. K., Weber, W. (2004). Consumer Demand for the Baseball Experience: Uncertain Demand with a Capacity Constraint. Journal of Economics, 30(1), 21-41.

Highfill, J. K., McAsey, M. (2001). An Application of Optimal Control to the Economics of Recycling. SIAM Review, 43(4), 679-693.

Highfill, J. K., McAsey, M. (2001). Landfilling versus “Backstop” Recycling When Income is Growing. Environmental and Resource Economics, 19(1), 37-52.

Highfill, J. K., Thorson, D., Weber, W. V. (1998). Tax Overwithholding as a Response to Uncertainty. Public Finance Review, 26(4), 376-391.

Highfill, J. K., McAsey, M. (1997). Municipal Waste Management: Recycling and Landfill Space Constraints. Journal of Urban Economics, 41(1), 118-136.

Highfill, J. K., McAsey, M., Weinstein, R. (1994). Optimality of Recycling and the Location of a Recycling Center. Journal of Regional Science, 34(4), 583-597.


  • Samuel Rothberg Professional Excellence Award, Bradley University
  • Midwest Grain Products, Inc. Teaching Award, Foster College of Business
  • Graduate Honors Fellow, University of Kansas
  • William A. Swett Prize, University Co-Valedictorian, Wichita State University

 Poetry Chapbooks

  •  A Constitution of Silence, 2013, Green Fuse Poetic Arts.
  • Light Blessings Drifting Together, 2012, Finishing Line Press.