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Electrical Engineering
Jobst Hall 137
(309) 677-2727

Aleksander "Olek" Malinowski

Associate Professor

Jobst Hall 328
(309) 677-2776
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Dr. Malinowski is an Associate Professor at Bradley University. He is with Bradley The areas of his main interests include Networked cyberphysical systems, computer networks, Internet of Things, computational intelligence and artificial autonomous mobile agents with emphasis on their navigation. He is also a Senior Member of IEEE and an active volunteer for the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society since 1998. 

Social Media:


  • Amateur digital photography
  • Travel, nature sightseeing
  • Electronic music (listening to)
  • US FIRST: Technical Challenge Mentor
  • BSA: Merit Badge Counselor


Teaching Interests:

  • ECE 103 Computers and Programming (structural programming in C99)
  • ECE 205 Microcontroller Architecture and Programming
  • ECE 470/570 Object Oriented Programming for Embedded Systems
  • ECE 471/571 Real Time Operating Systems
  • ECE 472/572 Embedded Microcontroller Linux
  • ECE 473/573 Embedded TCP/IP
  • ECE 474/574 Robotic Navigation with SLAM
  • ECE 483/583 Microprocessor Architecture and Design


Research and Professional Interests:

  • Computer Programming Algorithms with emphasis on network connectivity and cyber-physical system applications
    • Ethernet
    • Factory Automation, Home automation, Internet of Things
    • Microcontroller Linux, BuildRoot, Operating Systems
    • Networked cyber-physical systems (embedded systems)
    • TCP/IP Network programming for small embedded systems
    • General purpose programming with C, C++, and Java
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of Mobile agents (SLAM for robots)
  • Neural networks - theory of learning, modeling with, control applications

    Recent Keynote delivered - Current Challenges for the Internet of Things Ecosystem at 22nd International Science Conference:
    Computer Networks - CN2015, June 16-19, 2015, Brunów Palace, Lwówek Śląski, Silesia, Poland

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