2006-2010 Chester Sipple Poetry Award Winners

Some poems may contain explicit language.


  • 1st Place: Samantha Parker
    "At My Desk After Waking Up And Not Having A Missed Call From You And Then Turned On The Television To Find You Were Not There Either 
    "When Not Leaving My Chair All Night Was Tempting And Somehow That Call Never Came Through" 
    "Checkered Pants and Techno Bands" 
    "After an Hour of Silence While Listening to Your Buzzing on the Other End"
    "Upon Waking Up and Discovering That I Am Not Alone, and Yet You Are the Only One Who Knows I Exist"
  • 2nd Place: Christine Beuhler
    "David sleeping"
    "the wind"
    "crazy buildings"
  • 3rd Place: Emily Wieser
    "The Forgotten"
    "I Said It"
    "Aacqumeh, We Call Ourselves"
  • Honorable Mention: Abby Riley, Will Ankrum, Marybeth Southard and Elizabeth Siegel


  • 1st Place: William Ankrum
    "Waiting Room, ER, Discharge Papers, Released, and Signed" 
    "In the Desert Next to the Reservation"

    "Model of Intentionality: Possibilities-of-Being"
    "The Voyaging Sugar Ant" 
    "The Day I Fell Out of Me" 
  • 2nd Place: Chelsea Pfiester
    "Back Porch Summer" 
    Hackberry House 
    "The Junk Lady 
  • 3rd Place: Amber Schultz
    "in celebration"
    "bitchfest 5"
    "watching fox news with my parents"
    "sweet november"
    "truth about the sun"


  •  1st Place: Joseph Huether
    "Thinking of an Ancient Chinese Master: I Offer Three Poems in His Memory" 
    "Winter Poem" 
    Moon Mourning
    Soldier's Things

2008 Co-Runner Ups:

  • Sarah Duncan
    "To History"
    "Look What I Made"
    "Mourning Has Broken"
  • Carolyn Dorant
    "Castle on the Pacific" 
    "Understanding Bobby Fischer" 
    "Our House is by a River" 
    The Loring Pasta Bar, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    because we are mostly water