Dr. Robert DeGise Professional Writing Award

Dr. DeGise, a long-time member of the professional writing faculty, established the endowment in 1996 as a memorial tribute to the brave Americans who served in the battle of Iwo Jima in February of 1945.

Each submission for the writing competition should identify a problem or a need at the university and then propose a persuasive and feasible plan to fix that problem or fulfill that need. Proposals could address improvements in areas such as academics, student life, campus safety, athletics, business operations, or any other area related to the Bradley Experience.

Submitted proposals should be no more than 10 pages, single-spaced, and contain the following sections:

  1. Problem definition or proof of need. This section should be short – a paragraph or two.
  2. A discussion of the problem, to include who is affected and what could happen if the problem continues. This section should analyze any data gathered by the author.
  3. The proposed solution and its effect on Bradley University.
  4. A discussion of the feasibility of the plan's actual implementation at Bradley. 

**The winning proposal will earn a $1,000 cash award.**



Michael Deering - Harper/Wyckoff Communal Kitchen Report and Letter of Transmittal

2013 Co-Winners

Kelsey Seeber - Implementing Art in Bradley Hall
Joshua Brooks - Establishment of Sustainability Programs at Bradley University


Mark Pica - Bringing Family Housing & Support Services for Students-Parents to Bradley University


Jaime Sievers - Bradley Shuttle Service


Pam Miller - Writing & Study Skills Workshops