Minor in Literature

Required Courses

The English minor in literature provides (1) a foundation in the historical study of literature and (2) an opportunity to construct an individual program in English, American, and other literatures, literary theory, and genre studies.

ENG 233 American Literature To 1865
ENG 235 American Literature 1865 To Present

ENG 237 British Literature To 1800
ENG 239 British Literature 1800 To Present

ENG 347 Shakespeare

Total Hours: 9


Three courses from any two or more of the following groups for a total of 9 hours:

British Periods
ENG 341 Medieval English Literature
ENG 344 Renaissance English Literature
ENG 358 18th Century British Literature
ENG 361 British Romantic Literature
ENG 363 British Victorian Literature
ENG 364 20th Century British Literature

American Periods
ENG 332 Early American Literature
ENG 334 19th Century American Literature
ENG 336 20th Century American Literature

ENG 368 Science Fiction and Fantasy
ENG 372 Poetry As Genre
ENG 373 Fiction As Genre
ENG 374 Drama As Genre

Individual Authors
ENG 378 Individual Authors

Cultural Literary Studies
ENG 329 Studies In African American Literature
ENG 330 Studies In Native American Literature
ENG 331 Studies in Women Writers
ENG 381 Literatures in Asia

Criticism And Theory
ENG 370 Literary Criticism And Theory


Total Hours for the literature minor: 18