Chuck West

Executive in Residence

Baker Hall 307
(309) 677-2285

Ed.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Illinois State University
M.S., Computer Science, Bradley University
B.S., Mathematics, Illinois State University
Computer Programming, Old Dominion University
U.S. Navy, Computer and digital display technology, Computer programming


Dr. West had over twenty years experience in business and six years in the U.S. Navy before joining the Bradley faculty in 1997. During his business and military career he taught as adjunct faculty at Illinois State University, Bradley University, Illinois Central College and at the Fleet Anti-aircraft Warfare Training Center at Dam Neck, Virginia. He integrates his formal education with is extensive business background and military experience to give the student a real-world perspective in the courses he teaches. Dr. West’s research interests focus on interface design/human computer interaction, course design and productivity increases through technology.

Dr. West spends his free time practicing his rifle and pistol marksmanship and improving his golf game. He is also an avid car enthusiast, and still and video photographer.

Skype Dr. West at chuck.lowufo

Professional Experience

Caterpillar Tractor Inc. 1968 and 1975-1997

             Dealer inventory systems, manufacturing, engineering. decision support,systems development, training and networking systems

SeaJay Soft 1975-1985

             Consulting, computer sales and networking in banking, accounting and retail businesses

United States Navy 1968-1974

             Design and development of POFA systems and systems alignment 


Chuck has designed and taught numerous courses in management information systems (MIS), the business application of computers and information systems. He has taught graduate courses tailored for the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree, Master of Science in Quantitative Finance (M.S.Q.F.) degree and in the executive M.B.A. program.  He recognizes the importance of the technology side, interpersonal side, and business value of information systems.  He won the 2008 FCBA Teaching Innovation award for his creative approach to instruction design.

Courses Recently Taught

  • MIS 173 - Information Systems and Business Applications 
  • MIS 175 - Introduction to Developing Business Applications
  • MIS 272 - Management Applications of Personal Computers
  • MIS 275 - Business Applications Using Visual Basic
  • MIS 276 - Developing Information Systems for E-Commerce
  • MIS 378 - Human-Computer Interaction and Usability Testing
  • MIS 478 - Implementing Business Computer Systems
  • MIS 479 and 498 – Independent Study
  • MIS 613 – Advanced Algorithms
  • MIS 614 – Topics in MIS
  • MIS 672 - Information Systems Management
  • MIS 676 - Electronic Commerce

Courses Periodically Taught

  • FIN 659  - Mathematical Programming
  • MIS 172 - Business Computer Skills and Applications
  • MIS 372 - Management Information Systems
  • MIS 373 - Business Data Communications
  • MIS 658 – Independent Study
  • MIS 673 - Data Communications for Managers
  • MIS 675 - Managing Systems Development


Dr. West’s research interests include investigating how technology can improve productivity in business. He has conducted several studies in the impact of dual-monitor computer systems on productivity. He received the Best Paper award for his pedagogical paper Hands on Exercises in the Business Data Communications Course. He is currently working on a pedagogical paper about continuity in teaching a series of programming courses.

Current Research

  • McGowan, M. K., Stephens, P. R., West, C. J. (2009). Student Perceptions of Electronic Textbooks. Issues in Information Systems.
  • West, C.J., (2005). Enhancement of the Classroom Performance System, Issues in Information Systems.
  • West, C. J., (2002). The Interactive Case Study, Issues in Information Systems.


College & University

  • FCB Graduate Curriculum Committee
  • Bradley University Committee for Academic Technology Excellence 
  • FCB Technology Support Committee
  • Teaching Technology Task Force
  • Director Methodist College: UnityPoint Health
  •    Board Secretary
  •    Facilities Subcommittee
  •    Finance Subcommittee


Dr. West has served on the Washington Economic Development Commission and the board of directors for Junior Achievement. Dr. West also serves as a member of the board of directors for Methodist College. During the summer he teaches classes at Art and Science in the Woods, a Sun Foundation event. He teaches Electricity and Magnetism, Bridge Building 101 and Digital Photography. He also develops web sites for local organizations. His recent sites include Heart of Illinois Celiac Kids and the Washington Illinois Lacrosse team. He offers his technical expertise as a consultant to various businesses, providing assistance in web development, database design and networking (LAN).