Eden Blair

Associate Professor

Baker Hall 322
(309) 677-3715

Ph.D., Organizational Behavior & Entrepreneurship, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.B.A., Entrepreneurial Skills, Texas Tech University
B.S., Sociology, Honors College Graduate, University of Houston, University Park


Eden S. Blair has been at Bradley University since 2007.  She is currently an associate professor of entrepreneurship.  Her work experience includes completing two years of National Service through the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps and co-founding and working with various non-profit ventures.  As a member of the board of advisors for the Springboard New Venture Competition, Eden advises students from across campus on business formation and ideation. She sits on numerous advising boards for social ventures and governmental agencies.


Eden teaches courses in new venture creation, entrepreneurial creativity and social entrepreneurship.  With a strong belief that all students can be entrepreneurial, Eden teaches students from all 5 colleges on campus within her courses and as modules in other courses.  These courses are designed to minimize the risk of failure when starting a business or social enterprise.

Courses Currently Teaching

  • ENT 382 Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 386 Social Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 280 Entrepreneurial Creativity
  • ENT 281 The Entrepreneurial Career
  • BUS 643 Entrepreneurship (EMBA)


Research Interests include entrepreneurial cognition, unconscious entrepreneurial behavior and legal issues of entrepreneurship.

Recent Research

  • Blair, E. S., Marcum, T. M., & Koubova V. (2015). "L3C" designation doesn't matter to consumers. Entrepreneurship Innovation Exchange. Retrieved from http://eiexchange.com/content/75-13c-designation-doesn't-matter-to-consumers 
  • Blair, E.S. and Marcum, T. M. (in press).  “Heed Our Advice:  Exploring How Professionals Guide Small Business Owners in Startup Entity Choice”  Journal of Small Business Management
  • Nagy, B. G., Blair, E. S., & Lohrke, F. T. (2013). Developing a scale to measure liabilities and assets of newness after start-up. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.
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  • Blair, E. S., Marcum, T. M., & Fry, F. (2009). The disproportionate costs of forming LLCs vs. Corporations: The impact on small firm liability protection. Journal of Small Business Strategy, 20(2), 23-42.

Recent Presentations

  • Blair, E. S., USASBE Annual Conference, "Crowdgrading", USASBE Annual Conference, Tampa, FL. (January, 2015).
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College & University

Eden is a member of the President’s Committee for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a cross-disciplinary committee working to promote entrepreneurship across the campus.  She co-founded the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and is chair of its Curriculum Advisory Committee and the faculty liaison between the Foster College of Business and the Turner School.  She is also co-advisor for the Bradley chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization and Enactus (formerly SIFE).


Eden sits on the editorial board of the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal and the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exchange. As an ad hoc reviewer, Eden has reviewed recently for the Journal of Small Business Strategy, Journal of Small Business Management, the Academy of Management and the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE).  Eden is the 2014-2015 board member for USASBE. She is Bradley’s Affiliate Partner representative to the Central Illinois chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).