Matthew McGowan

Department Chair & Professor

Baker Hall 308
(309) 677-2279

Ph.D., Management Information Systems, Kent State University
M.B.A, Management, Kent State University
M.S., Computer Science, Bowling Green State University
B.S., Mathematics, Bucknell University


Matt McGowan has been at Bradley University since 1995, and has over ten years of industry experience.  He is chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Law and teaches courses in management information systems (MIS). Dr. McGowan’s research interests include ethical issues of computers and business, electronic textbooks, electronic data interchange (EDI), and pedagogical issues of information technology. 

Dr. McGowan is an avid bicyclist, and has logged over 20,000 miles in the past five years.  He also enjoys photography, hiking, camping, and zymurgy.


Matt teaches courses in management information systems (MIS), the business application of computers and information.  Matt recognizes the importance of both the technology side and people side of information systems.  He won the 2001 FCBA Organization Advisor-of-the-Year Award and the 1999 Foster College of Business Administration Midwest Grain Products Teaching Award.

Courses Currently Teaching

  • MIS 173 Information Systems and Business Applications
  • MIS 374 Database Management & Administration
  • MIS 375 Business Systems Analysis/Decisions
  • MIS 478 Implementation of Business Computer Systems


Dr. McGowan’s research interests include ethical issues of computers and business, electronic textbooks, electronic data interchange (EDI), and pedagogical issues of information technology. He received a Best Paper Award for the paper, “Pedagogical Strategies for Teaching Moral Minimalism,” at the 2010 International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education.  He also received a Best Paper Award for the paper, “Ethical Decision Making and Copying Software: The Impact of the Ideology of Computer Socialists,” in the 2003 volume of Issues in Information Systems.

Current Research

  • Marcum, T. M., Perry, S. J., McGowan, M. K. (2010). Business Plan Competitions: Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Journal of Business and Accounting, 3(1), 4-19.
  • McGowan, R. J., McGowan, M. K., and McGowan, G. J. Pedagogical Strategies for Teaching Moral Minimalism, Journal of Learning in Higher Education, Vol. 6:2(Fall), pp. 95-108.
  • McGowan, M. K., Stephens, P. R., West, C. J. (2009). Student Perceptions of Electronic Textbooks. Issues in Information Systems, 10(2), 459-465.
  • Stoner, C., Stephens, P., and McGowan, M. K. Connectivity and Work Dominance: Panacea or Pariah, Business Horizons, Vol. 52:1 (January), p. 67-78. (2009)
  • Stephens, P., McGowan, M. K.,  Stoner, C. and Robin, J. Unintended Consequences: IT’s Disruption of Work-life Balance, Issues in Information Systems, Vol. 8:1, 2007, pp. 179-184.
  • McGowan, M. K.,  Stephens, P., and Gruber, D. An Exploration Of The Ideologies Of Software Intellectual Property: The Impact On Ethical Decision Making, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 73:4(July), 2007, pp. 409-424. (2007)
  • McGowan, M. K. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Principles and Applications, in The Handbook of Computer Networks. Volume 3, pp. 860-869,  edited by Hossein Bidgoli, Wiley & Sons. (2007).


College & University

In addition to being chair of the Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Law Department and serving on the FCBA Executive Committee, he has served as faculty advisor to the Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP) since 1999. 

He is a member of the Bradley Committee on Academic Technology Excellence (CATE), and is also a committee member of the Bradley Admissions and Retention Committee.


Dr. McGowan has served as a reviewer for the journal, Information Systems Management. He  has also been a reviewer for the International Association of Computer Information Systems and Journal of Business Ethics.

He has been a member and chair of the Illinois Valley Central Educational Foundation.  He formerly served as a board member and board chair of the Central Illinois Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.