Academic Program

The Hospitality Leadership degree program (HLP) at Bradley University prepares students for careers in the industry including such options as foodservice, lodging, event planning, and tourism. Current estimates show that the industry employs over 10 million people, and employers seek graduates with a hospitality degree.  This industry is projected to add substantial numbers of new jobs/careers to the economy.

The HLP major at Bradley prepares students for successful careers through coursework leading to a Bachelor of Science degree, including 640 hours of internship experience, and globalization exposure. In addition, HLP majors, under the supervision of their academic advisor, are required to select an undergraduate minor from management, marketing, or professional sales, further setting them apart as highly prepared, qualified, and experienced professionals. Today’s hospitality professional also needs global exposure and each HLP major must become a Global Scholar or complete at least one study abroad session. Further, qualified students are strongly encouraged to minor in a foreign language.

Supporting Requirements  

  • ATG 157 Accounting Principles
  • ECO 100 Introduction to Economics   (meets General Education requirement)
  • PSY 101 Principles of Psychology  (meets General Education requirement)
  • CHM 100 Fundamentals of General Chemistry (meets General Education requirement)
  • BIO 101 Life Sciences I (meets General Education requirement)
  • MTG 315 Principles of Marketing
  • BMA 352 Managing in Organizations

Family & Consumer Sciences Core   13 hours

See “Family and Consumer Sciences Core” above.

Required Professional Work Experience  

  • FCS 375; FCS 475  - 6 credit hours

Additional Required FCS Courses 45 credit hours

  • FCS 104 Introductory Food Principles - 4 credit hours
  • FCS 170 Hospitality Leadership - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 171 Sanitation, Health, and Safety - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 172 Hospitality Practices I - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 270 Event Planning - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 272 Facility Services I - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 301 Nutrition Today - 3
  • FCS 370 Hospitality Management Accounting - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 372 Facility Services II - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 375 Hospitality Practicum I  - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 376 Hospitality Seminar I - 1 credit hour
  • FCS 405 Food Service Systems  - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 408 Management in Food Service  - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 470 Special Topics in Hospitality Businesses  - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 475 Hospitality Practicum II - 3 credit hours
  • FCS 476 Hospitality Seminar II - 1 credit hour

Required Minor: Option I, II, or III

  • Option I 15 credit hours 
    A management minor described in this catalog under the Business Management and Administration Department, Foster College of Business Administration.
  • Option II 15 credit hours
    A marketing minor described in this catalog under the Marketing Department, Foster College of Business Administration.
  • Option III 15 credit hours
    A professional sales minor described in this catalog under the Marketing Department, Foster College of Business Administration.

Required Certificate
Certificate in Food Service Sanitation (required by State of Illinois) to be completed before enrolling in FCS 405 and FCS 408.  Proof of liability insurance is required for students enrolling in FCS 405 and 408.