Douglas Antola Crowe


Baker Hall 208
(309) 677-3806

Ph.D. student, University of Iowa
M.S., Economics, University of Missouri
B.S., Economics and Mathematics, Southeast Missouri State University


Douglas Antola Crowe first became a member of the Bradley faculty in 1980. From 1991–1994, he served as Country Academic Director of the Czech Republic for the Civic Education Project. The Civic Education Project was part of Central European University, Yale University and the George Soros Open Society Foundation. During that time, he was professor of economics at Mendel and Masaryk Universities in Brno, The Czech Republic, and taught at Central European University in Prague.  From 1991–1995, Doug traveled, worked on curriculum reform, and gave lectures throughout Eastern Central Europe from Estonia to the Ukraine to Albania for the Civic Education Project. In 1994, Doug returned to Bradley University as USIA Grant Director for a joint project between Bradley University, Samara State Aero Space University, and the newly created International Market Institute, both in Samara, Russia. He lived in Samara, Russia, from 1994–1995 in connection with the USIA grant. From 1998–2006 while at Bradley, he taught and helped develop the Advance Management Program for SWIRE Inc., a certificate program and joint project between Bradley University, Tsinghau University in Beijing, and SWIRE Inc. Doug directed the Bradley University’s Berlin – Prague seminar in 2004 and 2005.  Doug continues teaching internationally, returning to Brno, and arranging study abroad opportunities in Helsinki, Finland; Tallinn, Estonia; Russia; Brno, the Czech Republic; and China for Bradley University.

Honorary Degrees and Awards:

  • 1998 Honorary Degree from Ural State Technical University, Yekaterinburg, Russia
  • 1999 Outstanding International Faculty Award, Mendel University, Faculty of Economics, given at the 40thAnniversary of Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic


Doug’s career and life-changing experience of teaching in the Czech Republic with the Civic Education Project has shaped and influenced his teaching and philosophy of life. His time in Eastern/Central Europe, China, Finland, and Russia demonstrated the importance of being a world citizen as well as appreciating the diversity of views and cultures throughout the world. He wants his students to truly appreciate and embrace the diversity of cultures throughout the world. He believes that for students to truly understand “international business,” as well as to have a meaningful international experience when they travel abroad, they must have an understanding and appreciation of the culture, history, religion, music, literature, language, and his most favorite and important feature of any host nation – its FOOD. He attempts to organize study abroad experiences to achieve these goals. He enjoys team teaching interdisciplinary courses. His “Doing Business in a Chinese Culture” course is partially team taught with Dr. Dan Getz, Chair of the Religion and Philosophy Department. The “Economics of Innovation” course brings faculty from Finland and Bradley together with students from Finland, Europe, and Bradley University. One of his most memorable teaching experiences was teaching Economics to International Studies students at Central European University in Prague. The class consisted of students from 23 different countries from across Eastern/Central Europe and Russia.

Doug teaches Doing Business in a Chinese Culture; Quantitative Methods (Business Statistics); International Business; Introduction to Management; Economics of Innovation; Economic Principles; and Contemporary Business.


Interests are very diverse from the Economics of Transitional Economies to pedagogical issues in teaching of economics and business statistics. Doug directed the Bradley University Center for Economic Education and was mentored by John Kulman, University of Missouri, and Art Welsh, then President of the National Council for Economic Education and Professor at University of Iowa; two heavy weights in the field of Economic Education. He has taught Principles of Economics to 800 first semester freshman and has published in The Journal of Economic Education.

Much of Doug’s work in Eastern Central Europe and Russia was helping to develop curriculum in post 1989 economic, political science, and business programs.



  • Society of East European Specialists


  • Member: Subcommittee of Curriculum and Regulations
  • Member of Foster College of Business Curriculum Committee
  • Faculty Advisor to Student Business Leadership Council
  • Faculty Liaison to University Admissions Office
  • Faculty Liaison to the Smith Career Center
  • Member of the Assessment of Learning Committee, Foster College of Business
  • Member of the Assessment of Learning Committee, Bradley University