Vince Showers


Baker Hall 225
(309) 677-2291

Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, Ohio State University
M.S., Agricultural Economics, Purdue University
B.S., Agricultural Economics, Ohio State University


Vince Showers is a professor of finance and quantitative methods. He joined Bradley University’s faculty in August 1988.


Dr. Showers’ current teaching interests are in the areas of business statistics and econometrics. Other teaching interests over his time at Bradley University have included business forecasting, decision support systems, principles of microeconomics, and contemporary business.


Dr. Showers' research interests have included studying the impact on household expenditures and charitable contributions, demand for insurance, student retention rates, the financial state of U.S. credit unions, and the impact of country of origin on perceived product quality. His published works have appeared in the Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives,  Journal of Financial and Economic Practice, The Southern Business and Economic Journal , Journal of Risk and Insurance, International Marketing Review, and Developments in Marketing Science

Peer-Reviewed Journals

(Cabell's) Showers, V. E., Showers, L. S., Black, H. G., Beggs, J. M., Cox, Jr, J. E. (2015). Households Giving to Religion Versus Households Not Giving to Religion:  Are Their Household Characteristics and Expenditure Patterns Different? Faith and Economics, 65, 35-53. [Accepted: February 2015, Published: June 2015, Submitted: May 2014]

Showers, V. E., Showers, L. S., Cox, Jr, J. E., Beggs, J. M., Black, H. G. (2014). Consumer Expenditures and the Faith Factor. Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion, 10, 32. [Accepted: August 2014, Published: September 2014, Submitted: May 2014]

Webster, A. L., Showers, V. E. (2012). Measuring Predictors of Student Retention Rates. American Journal of Economics and Business Administration. [Published: March 2012]

Showers, V. E., Showers, L. S., Cox, Jr., J. E., Beggs, J. M. (2011). Charitable Giving Expenditures and the Faith Factor. American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 70(1), 152-186. [Published: January (1st Quarter/Winter) 2011, Submitted: October 2009]

Competitive Research Awards Received

Showers, V. E., "CTEL Teaching Innovation," Sponsored by Bradley University, $3,300.00. (May 2014 - July 2014). [Start: May 2014, End: July 2014, Submitted: October 2013]


Webster, A. L. (Presenter & Author), Showers, V. E. (Author Only), Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association, "Measuring Predictors of Student Retention Rates", Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association, Kona, Hawaii. (November, 2010).

Practice in Field


  • OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, 2012
  • Corporate and Organizational Board Memberships

 Board Member, All Saints Lutheran Church, 2011 - Present


Dr. Showers is currently the Actuarial Science Business Coordinator and advisor to ASB majors, as well as faculty advisor for Gamma Sigma Iota. He also serves on the FCB Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee and the College’s Assurance of Learning Committee. He served as Associate Dean from 2011-2013.