Fall 2011 Volume 11 Issue 2

Fortifying The Payback Period Method For Alternative Cash Flow Patterns          

Albert E. Avery 
Susan M.V. Flaherty      
Moon-Whoan Rhee   
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Evolving Relationship between the Dollar and the Price of Oil: An Empirical Investigation              

Peter Brust        
Vivekanand Jayakumar
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Challenges for the Unified Financial Supervision in the Post-Crisis Era: Singaporean Experience and Chinese Practice       

Jing Geng           
Wenjuan Xie     
Guibin Zhang    
Honggeng Zhou   
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Account Turnover and Demographic Profiles: Which Investors Trade Too Much?              

Seth C. Anderson            
Harriet Stranahan      
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An Analysis Of Corporate Social Responsibility: The México Evidence      

Peyton Foster Roden    
Filiberto Enrique Valdés Medina  
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Influence of the Stock Prices on Insurers’ Managerial Decisions

Yu-Luen Ma       
Yayuan Ren       
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Competition on MARS? A Study of Broker-Dealer Competition in the U.S. Municipal Auction Rate Securities Market       

Charles W. Cole               
Jeffrey A. Edwards   
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Purchasing Power Parity and Degree of Openness in Latin America: A Panel Analysis      

Omar Esqueda 
Tibebe Assefa  
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MR ≠ MC for Profit Optimization:  Reformulating Classical Managerial Economic Theory (A Mathematical Proof)

Phil Grant
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