Fall 2012 Volume 12 Issue 3

Financial Characteristics That Determine the Value of Firms Ranked Highest for Executive Compensation in a Period of Economic Recession

Anne Fiedler
Bruce Payne 
Adnan Daghestani
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No News is Good News, Unexpected Returns and Changes in the Homeland Security Advisory System

William R. Pratt 
Dave O. Jackson 
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A Note: Should Investors Prefer Compound Interest? Not Always

Oscar Varela 
Kaled Abdou 
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The Determinants of Personal Savings in the U.S.: The Role of Wealth

Abdulhamid Sukar 
V. Sivarama Krishnan 
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Sector Variations in the Total Asset Turnover/Operating Profit Margin Relationship

Cecilia Wagner Ricci 
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The Performance Implications of Hostile Takeovers of U.S. Financial Services Firms

Ike Mathur
Chip Wiggins
Omar M. Al Nasser

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Estimating the Breakeven Value of a Time Share Interval

Stephen J. Larson

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A Note on Empirical Bond Risk Premia

Philip A. Horvath
George Chang

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Exploring the Black Box: Investment Banking Compensation and IPO Pricing

Donald Flagg
Hong Wan 

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