Spring 2010 Volume 10 Issue 1

Debt Maturity Structure, Agency Costs, And Firm Value: Evidence From 1973-2004        

Pornsit Jiraporn  
Shenghui Tong 
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Examining The Rtc’s Role As Seller Of Failed S&Ls

Jeremy T. Schwartz      

Diversification, Expenses, And Performance For 401(K) Plans: A Monte Carlo Study Of The Blended Six Index Funds Approach        

Haiwei Chen
Jim Estes  

Board Characteristics And Earnings Restatements: A Policy View 

Ken Y. Chen      
Yung-Ming Hsieh

Further Examination Of Equity Returns And Seasonal Depression 

Steven D. Dolvin
Qun Wu  

Who Can Benefit From Caliber Ipo Underwriters? -Issuers Or Initial Subscribers   

Xiaoying (Cindy) Chen  
Anthony F. Olea 
Jasmine Yur-Austin   

Plausibility Check Of Consensus: Expectation Building In Financial Markets         

Ekaterina Svetlova    

A Look At Predicting Yields   

William R. Pratt 

Markov Mixture Of Normals Approach To Option Pricing   

George Chang 

Conditional Tail Variance And Conditional Tail Skewness In Finance And Insurance         

Liang Hong
Ahmed Elshahat