Spring 2012 Volume 12 Issue 2

Do Companies Hold On To Their Cash In Japan?

Alan B. Czyzewski
Eurico J. Ferreira
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Revisiting the Market Risk Premium

James M Sfiridis
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Information Leakages Prior to 13D Filings

Matthew Brigida 
Jeff Madura
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Who Knew: Financial Crises and Investor Sentiment

Arindam Bandopadhyaya 
Derek Truong
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International Financial Reporting Standards: Specific Challenges for Readers

Stephen G. Kerr
John W. Gillett
Nathan Sandoz
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Unlikely Estimates of Ex-Ante Real Interest Rate: Another Dismal Performance from Dismal Science

Lee C. Spector
Courtenay C. Stone
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Top Five Executives’ Share of Core Earnings

Charles L. Baum  
William F. Ford 
Kevin Zhao
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A Simple and or the Alternative Continuing Value Method

Wm R McDaniel
C Evans
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The Pricing of Climate Risk

Linda H. Chen 
Lucia Silva Gao
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