Spring 2013 Volume 13 Issue 1

A Risk-Return Analysis Of Those Firms Ranked Highest For Price Growth Persistence In A Time Of Economic Recession

Adnan Daghestani
Bruce C. Payne 
Nichole Castater
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Long-Run Performance After Stock Splits: 1996 to 2003

Alex Meisami 
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Stock Return Predictability And Economic Value Of Market Timing

Khaled Elkhal
Manfen W. Chen
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The Investment Performance Of U.S. University Endowment Funds: Should Some Be Passively Managed?

Brandy Hopkins
Delbert C. Goff
Don R. Cox 
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The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley On Bank CEO And Director Compensation

Victoria Javine
Harold A. Black
Michael C. Ehrhardt
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Mutual Dependence and Firm Decisions

Chengho Hsieh
Timothy Vines
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Decision Making In A Put-Call Parity Framework: Evidence From The Game Show ‘Deal Or No Deal’

G. Glenn Baigent
Carol M. Boyer
Jiamin Wang
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The Clustering Of Short Sales on the NASDAQ

Mamit Deme
Kevin M. Zhao
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Insurance Coverage Transitions And The Use Of Preventive Services

Stephan F. Gohmann
Myra J. McCrickard
Bradley A. Stevenson
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