JFEP Submission Guidelines

Minimal style guidelines are enforced for manuscripts submitted for review by the Journal of Financial and Economic Practice. If the paper is accepted, then authors will be asked to follow the instructions provided below under "Style Guidelines...".

  1. All submitted manuscripts must be original work that is not under submission at another journal or under consideration for publication in another form, such as a monograph or chapter of a book. Authors of submitted papers are obligated not to submit their paper for publication elsewhere until an editorial decision is rendered on their submission. Further, authors of accepted papers are prohibited from publishing the results in other publications that appear before the paper is published in JFEP unless they receive approval for doing so from the editor.

  2. A manuscript for review should be submitted with a cover page that includes only the title and all contributing authors' names, along with their respective title, affliation and email address.  The second page of the Word file should contain the title, abstract and introduction with no author information.  A double-blind review process is used for all manuscripts submitted to JFEP.  Reviewers will receive all of the electronic file sent to JFEP except the cover page.

  3. A resubmission of a manuscript that was previously rejected by the Journal of Financial and Economic Practice is not permitted.
  1. A $50 submission fee is required (see "Call for Papers" for details).

    Style Guidelines if the Manuscript is Accepted:

  2. The text of the manuscript must be prepared in 12pt Times New Roman type with 1 inch right/left margins and 1.5 inch top/bottom margins. The text must be double-spaced

  3. .Footnotes must appear at the bottom of the page on which they are referenced (i.e., no endnotes at the end of the document).

  4. Tables and figures can appear either embedded or at the end of the manuscript. Please make sure that all tables and figures are appropriately numbered and with a description/label provided at the top of each table/figure.  The tables and figures should be easy to understand with all having been referred to within the text.  Variables included within tables and figures must also be clearly labeled and defined within either the table/figure or the text.

  5. Use the Equation Editor in Microsoft Word for all formulas (exceptions are short expressions within the text line in which all terms in the formula can remain Times New Roman font).  All but very short mathematical expressions should be displayed on a separate line and numbered consecutively on the right margin.

  6. An abstract of approximately 200 words or less must be provided.  Also below the abstract provide 4-5 keywords and, if applicable, 2-3 JEL classifications.

  7. References should be displayed in the following format:
  • In print citation:
Horvath, P.A. & Chang, G. (2012). A Note on Empirical Bond Risk Premia. Journal of  Financial and Economic
          Practice, 12(3) 77-87.

  • Online citation:
Larson, S.J. & Wilcox, S.E. (2011). Market Overreaction and Under-reaction for Currency Futures Prices. Journal
of Financial and Economic Practice, 11(1) 20-36. Retrieved from: http://search.proquest.com/docview/