Finance Alumnus Returns to Campus

April 24, 2014

By Lindsay Anderson

Last month, finance graduate Eric Nguyen ’13 returned to campus to discuss his new position at KPMB Canada with Finance and Quantitative Methods Department Chair Amit Sinha, Undergraduate Recruiting Coordinator Amy Fairfield, and Smith Career Center Advisor Joe Battelline.

Nguyen faced a rigorous interview process but felt prepared thanks to the training he received while at the Foster College of Business. 

Feeling very fortunate to have landed a job as an analyst in corporate finance, transactions and restructuring at KPMG Canada, Nguyen shared stories with Sinha, Fairfield and Battelline about the various companies he works with while also working on teams with senior executives, determining company valuations for mergers and acquisitions.

Moving forward, Nguyen speaks positively about strengthening the bond between a college and its alumni.

“I am happy to potentially see a program that could be developed between our school (Bradley University) and alumni and their respective firms,” Nguyen said.  “When speaking about putting together a program that would have a secured intern position dedicated to someone from our school, both sides can recap the benefits.  It can create a competitive environment in the school, as well as give students some visibility on what’s actually out there.”

Nguyen continues, “On our side, we would have some insight on talent for years to come.”