Actuarial Science – Business

Actuaries use mathematics, statistics, and economic techniques to assign a financial value to future events. As an actuary, your skills will be highly sought after by insurance companies, investment firms, employee benefits consulting firms, and other companies that need to quantify financial risks.


Finance is the art and science of managing money. Finance is the entire process of obtaining the money that organizations need, then spending and investing that money in the most effective and efficient manner. The analytical treatment of decision making under conditions of risk is essential for top executives.

Minors & Specializations

Decision Analysis

The minor in Decision Analysis is designed to provide students with a solid foundation of mathematical and quantitative tools essential to sound decision-making. All areas of academic study such as sociology, psychology, and health sciences may benefit from the application of analytical thought.

Corporate Finance

Students interested in corporate finance select courses within their finance major providing a foundation for financial management of all types of firms.  All firms require financial management.  


Students interested in the securities area select courses within their finance major that will develop their skills in analyzing and selecting investment opportunities.

Markets and Institutions

Students interested in financial institutions such as insurance companies, banks, pension funds, and finance companies select courses within their finance major that will prepare them for positions in these organizations.

3:2 Program

BS/BA-MSQF 3:2 Program

In today’s business world, financial models, concepts, tools, and techniques are becoming more mathematically sophisticated as a result of financial market dynamics. 

Graduate Program

Master of Science in Quantitative Finance

Succeeding as a quantitative finance professional leaves no room for the amateur. Employers want more than a math whiz, finance expert, or computer genius. To compete, you need to integrate your computer know-how, financial acumen, and mathematical intelligence to Be More.

MBA Concentration in Finance

Designed for the working professional, Bradley University’s Accelerated MBA meets just 2 nights each week. Invest in our 2–year program to expand your business knowledge and develop your leadership, analytical, and critical thinking skills.