Why Choose Finance & Quantitative Methods

There are many reasons to study in the Department of Finance & Quantitative Methods at Bradley University:

  1. Our programs prepare students for successful careers in finance or actuarial science in the ever-increasing global economy.
    • Bradley’s finance program prepares students for careers – not just entry-level positions – in the competitive world of finance.
    • Students learn to understand the problems of obtaining and using financial resources and financial risk management
  2. In addition to gaining professional finance and actuarial science knowledge, you will develop strong analytical, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and electronic spreadsheet skills for success in today's environment.
  3. Accredited by AACSB.
  4. Outstanding job placement rates.
    • 97% employed within six months of graduation
    • In addition, internship opportunities with companies such as Hewitt Associates, Caterpillar, Inc., RLI, Inc., and PNC add valuable learning experiences and increase your competitiveness in the job market.
  5. Earn two degrees in 5 years.
    • Through our 3:2 Bachelor of Science/Arts-Master of Science in Quantitative Finance degree you can get equipped with the skills, concepts, tools, and techniques you need to excel as a financial engineering professional.
  6. Our faculty are experts.
    • Professors in the department possess a wide array of expertise and teach finance, quantitative methods, risk management and actuarial science courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as executive and professional development programs.
  7. A history of Actuarial Science-Business and Finance exam success.
  8. Our student organizations provide connections to finance professionals and real-world financial management experience.
    • Practice tracking and analyzing securities through our Bradley Investment Organization.
    • Connect with alumni and professionals with our Financial Management Association, Acclaimed Intellectual Property Association, and Gamma Iota Sigma organizations.
  9. You can declare a finance or actuarial science major at any time—even as a freshman.
  10. Faculty advise all majors.