Randy Kidd

Assistant Professor

Bradley Hall 347
(309) 677-2399

Ph.D., History of Science and Medicine, Yale University


Professor Kidd’s dissertation focused on William Harvey and “the Oxford Group,” who revolutionized our understanding about the heart and blood. The dissertation argued that these natural philosophers fought vigorously to integrate their findings with biblical and classical traditions about the primacy of the heart. His minor fields included the history of physics and medieval history. Dr. Kidd also holds an M. Phil. in history from Yale and an M.A. in medieval history from Western Washington University. His M.A. thesis argued that Oxford University was founded as a “knowledge-guild” (universitas) that was designed in part to regulate, control, and profit from new Arabic translations of Greek classics. Dr. Kidd has taught history at the University of Minnesota, Drexel University, Smith College, and Yale University. Prior to his arrival at Bradley in 2008, he taught in the Interdisciplinary Great Books Program at St. John’s College and St. John’s Graduate Institute. He is married to Vira Zhdanovych, who teaches Russian at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. They have one child, Gerald Eugene, age 9. 


  • HIST 334 Cross-Cultural Contacts in History
  • HIST 336 Early Non-Western History
  • HIST 337 Modern Non-Western History
  • CIV 100 Western Civilization: Ancient to Modern


Continuing archival research at Oxford and the Royal Society of London on early-modern physiologists and physicians William Harvey and Walter Charleton in preparation of a book-length manuscript on the history of beliefs about the heart and blood.