Edward Lamoureux

Professor, Department of Interactive Media and Department of Communication

Caterpillar Global Communication Center 315


Edward Lee Lamoureux received a B.A. from CSU, Long Beach (Speech, 1975), an M.A. from WSU, Pullman (Speech Communication, 1980), and a Ph.D. from the UofO, Eugene (Rhetoric and Communication, 1985). He came to Bradley (in the Department of Communication) in 1985. Ed  teaches IM 250: Introduction to New Media Theory, IM 350: Intellectual Property Law and New Media, and leads IM 491-01: Interactive Media Development at Cisco. Ed also teaches COM 303: Rhetorical Perspectives in Organizational Communication, COM 491-02: Contemporary Problems in Sports Communication, CFA 201: The Entrepreneurial Mindset in Communications and Fine Arts, and CFA 314, Privacy in the Connected US. His research interests include ethnography, rhetoric, religious communication, conversation, and teaching and learning in virtual worlds. Ed's creative production has included audio production and web work as well as communication training via digital embellishments. Lamoureux was on the committee that first established the Multimedia Program at Bradley and served as Interim Director and Director of the Multimedia Program for 3 years (after its founding Director, Howard Goldbaum). Lamoureux served as the editor of the Journal of Communication and Religion (sponsored by the Religious Communication Association) for two consecutive 3 year terms, 1998-2003. As a member of the President's Committee for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a group that established the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Ed serves as the CFA liaison to the School. He taught the first online course at Bradley (by more than two years) and taught the first Bradley course(s) in virtual worlds. Ed is Professor Beliveau in Second Life. He is a singer/songwriter who sometimes appears at local venues. Ed is married (since 1981) to Cheryl; they have 4 children (Alexander, Samantha, Kate, and Nicole).