Laptop Requirement

All incoming Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts freshmen and transfer students are required to have an Apple® MacBook Pro laptop computer. Incoming Interactive Media majors are required to have the 15- inch MacBook Pro. All other Slane College majors must have a MacBook Pro that meets the minimum technical specifications below. Incoming freshmen who already own an older Mac laptop may opt to continue using it freshman year before upgrading.

  • Processor: 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Core I5 or Core I7
  • Memory: 4GB 
  • Storage capacity: 500GB

All incoming Slane College students are required to have Microsoft Office 2011 or greater for Mac. 

Interactive Media majors and minors, Art majors, and Sports Communication majors must have the Adobe Creative Cloud.  (see software notes below)

Individual courses for all majors may require additional software specific to the course.

Incoming students who change majors into an area of study within the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts will be held to the laptop requirements of the college.

Apple® laptops and software are available with educational discounts at the Bradley Apple Store: Software can also be purchased through a variety of online retailers that provide educational discounts. Proof of student status may be required to place an order for hardware or software. Laptops can be purchased from any source.

With proper documentation, the expense incurred to secure required technology may be added to a student’s total cost-of-attendance. This inclusion will enable expanded parent borrowing opportunities. Contact the Bradley University Financial Assistance office for further information at (309) 677-3089.

For additional information on the laptop requirement, please contact:

Software notes for Interactive Media majors and minors

All students who are either Interactive Media majors or minors are required to have the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes all the software in the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection.  Membership in the Cloud also guarantees you will always have the latest version of the Adobe software.  This software will be used throughout the entirety of the student’s college career in nearly every IM course.  Often, students will use their software for out-of-class activities and assignments in other courses as well.  Students taking additional courses in Interactive Media may have additional software requirements in future courses.

Interactive Media students are engaged in design and production software on a daily basis.  As such, students are required to have a variety of additional software on their laptops beyond the Adobe Creative Suite.  Though we attempt to find adequate software that is free for students, current job listings for both internships and entry-level positions often require or prefer industry standard software experience for prospective candidates. Therefore, we require students to have a balance of both freely available software and industry standard software.  Software requirements vary between courses and faculty will inform students of software requirements on or before the first day of class when practical.

Software for Art majors, Sports Communication majors, and others taking IM 113

All students who are planning on taking IM 113 are required to have the Adobe Creative Cloud.  You may opt to drop your Cloud subscription after taking the class or use a pre-paid card (see below).

Adobe Creative Cloud purchasing options

Students may sign up directly with Adobe for $29.99 per month.  This is the best method for Interactive Media majors, Graphic Design majors or anyone else who plans to use the software for more than a year.  For students who just need the software in order to take IM 113, a prepaid card may be the best way to go.  These can be found on in 3-month and 12-month durations.  Whether you choose a Cloud subscription or a pre-paid card, make sure you are getting the student edition, which is considerably less expensive.

Other software purchases

Journey Ed is our preferred software provider for Microsoft Office or anything else your courses might require.  Visit their site and choose Bradley University for better pricing.