Degree Programs

Interactive Media Major

The Department of Interactive Media prepares students to be critical thinkers in a continually evolving field that requires interdisciplinary, theoretical, and application knowledge in the design, development, and production of interactive media. There are three majors in this discipline:


The Animation major is ranked as one of the best in the Midwest. Students learn many different styles of animation and emerge with a diverse knowledge of the field that can lead to a career in a variety of media outlets. Scott Cavanah is the advisor and coordinator for the Animation major. His office is GCC 133A and he can be contacted at

Interactive Media Minor

The Interactive Media program offers a minor to assist students interested in expanding their knowledge in the dynamic world of multimedia design and development. It focuses on new media technologies and theories in creative production of multiple forms of interactive digital media. The minor requires 21 hours to complete.

Web And Application Design

The Web and Application Design concentration focuses on User Interface and User Experience Design and is a locus of award-winning innovation, nationally awarded interactive performance, and location-based interactive experiences. Ethan Ham is the advisor and coordinator for the Web and Application Design concentration. His office is GCC 200 and he can be contacted at


Game Production Minor

The Game Production Minor is currently available to Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Majors. The Game Production minor provides a complementary path for students to learn about game production techniques. The minor focuses on development processes, development tools, collaborative development, and user centered design.

Game Design

The Game Design major has garnered national attention and acclaim. In April 2015, the Princeton Review ranked the major as 13th in the country. The major is intended to prepare students for a career in designing games and other interactive media. This technology heavy program emphasizes design and production of games, focusing on the creative process from conception to implementation. Ethan Ham is the interim advisor and coordinator for the Game Design major. His office is GCC 200 and he can be contacted at

Game Design Minor

The Game Design Minor is currently available to Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Majors. The minor contributes to the engagement of users through a highly popular form of interactive media. The Minor focuses on the development of games, including gameplay, storytelling and concepting, visual and audio media, and teamwork among artists, programmers, and storytellers. With the explosion of growth in the game industry, this Minor will allow students to develop skills in the growing fields of both traditional games and non-traditional interactive design positions.